They watched at night

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I always love going to creepy or spooky places as both part of getting a thrill and testing my mettle. A foolish dare in the state of New York made me regret it.
I was taking a vacation with a few friends and wanted to try something new. After finding out how the gravity hills and crybaby bridges worked, we were disappointed by the natural explanations. I wanted to go to Fort Mifflin and try to catch the Screaming Lady on audio. One of my friends was real set on going to New York and trying to stay all night in an abandoned house. His idea wasn’t smart or legal, but i figured it was better than nothing. When I asked him why bother, he told me that there was a story about a house that was guarded by sentinels. My 3 friends and I listened to him carefully as he spun a yarn about creepy black beings that guarded the house at night. My new friend, who had moved here from Slovakia, told us that there was no reason to mess with sentinels, but my friend’s mind was made up. I wished he had reconsidered when he had the chance.

The next day, I went to the house he had wanted to stay at and looked inside. We saw that the floor was solid, the roof was sturdy, there wasn’t much trash, and it had been untouched by vandalism. I told him the sentinels must’ve spruced it up. I meant it as a joke, but his glare told me to be serious. I went with it and told him that there was probably something about it that made people stay away. He said “It must be ghosts.” I thought it was probably police officers. Despite being psyched, my friend was a bit nervous, so my Slovakian friend, Marcola (Mar-co-la) and I decided to spend the night with him. In all honesty, I was probably more shaken up than he was. At 2 AM, Marcola woke me up and told me to look outside. I peeked outside and saw 4 figures standing silently in the backyard. They had my backs to me, so I don’t know if they were male or female. Marcola dragged me into the bathroom and played what he claimed was audio of the sentinels. It sounded like a combination of someone gargling and a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. When he told me he had a rendition that his mother had drawn of them, I told him that I sure as hell had NO desire to add a face to that sound if it was indeed a sentinel. He looked outside again and froze, then turned to me with his mouth in an “O” of shock. I could tell he was spooked and I looked outside and I can’t believe what I saw.
Before I go on, let me say that it was dark, but there was a full moon and not a lot of trees, so I know what I saw.

There were 2 men and 2 women. That wasn’t weird. The weird thing was that, I could tell from the figures that the men were naked from the waist down, while the women were naked from the waist up. I looked at Marcola, who was just standing there, silent. I slapped him out of his stupor and told him what I saw. He confirmed that he had seen the same thing. I was about to tell him to leave now, when we heard a light tapping on the window in the den, which was right next to the bathroom. I was terrified, and Marcola was whimpering. I was afraid of what would happen if we didn’t leave the bathroom and afraid of what we would SEE if we did! We hid in the tub and continued to hear tapping for almost an hour. Finally, at 3:16, it ended. There was a BANG! sound on the front door, then silence. Marcola and I cautiously peeked out the window and saw nothing. We told my other 2 friends and they called us psycho. The other 2 spent individual nights in the house, alone. Bill came back the next day with a stain on his jeans. We all knew what it was, but refrained from teasing him. Jessica went there, then came back and clung to Marcola. I knew that I had seen something, Marcola had seen something, Bill had experienced something, and Jessica had experienced something. Somehow, my 4th friend, Jeff, had slept through whatever Marcola and I had been involved in.

The next day, I ran into a cute girl at the cafe I was picking up breakfast at. She was sitting with 2 friends and a girl that she said was her sister. I just said “Cool” and left. Then, I did a double take. As God is my witness, the 4 of them had black eyes. I looked again and they were gone. I asked the cashier and barista if they saw the 4 of them at the table and they both asked for more info. I remembered that the cute girl had said their names were Matthew, Travis, Dawn, and Angela. When I told them that, the barista dropped his wallet. When I asked what was wrong, the barista told me “Those 4 are the names of kids who died at the young age of 15. They were found in an old house 1 day. The boys were missing their pants, undergarments, socks, and shoes. The ladies were missing their shirts and bras. They were found to have those names. Travis, Matthew, Angela, and Dawn.” I told the others and they all said it was time to leave. I agreed and let Jeff drive since he was the only one in a stable kind of mental condition. As we left, I looked over my right shoulder and saw Dawn waving to me from the backyard. I read her lips and saw that she said “Good luck leaving unscathed.” I was about to tell Jeff, when the gas pedal suddenly floored it and launched us into a guardrail. I immediately called my girlfriend and told her to get her ass to where we were. When she asked what happened to us, Jeff just muttered “Accident.” To be honest, I think I’ll just go to a haunted house Halloween attraction the next time I want a thrill.

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