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So let’s begin with at the time of this I was working at a local restaurant chain and I was working a swing shift, so I would often be alone. I would go in at 4am and open at 6am and then later in the week close the restaurant at 9pm and be there till 11pm for these hours I was alone. I am a female standing 5″2 and about 140lbs so an average 26year old.

Now I enjoy being alone, I liked the time to myself getting paid without dealing with people and cleaning or prepping for the day or the next day. But anyways, I didn’t really notice much of anything out of the ordinary at first, but one night I was about 15minutes till close and I had started cleaning up watching the clock and the empty parking lot.

Well no one had come in and finally it was closing time so I walked over to the door and pulled the neon open signs cord out and walked directly to the bathrooms. Now where I worked lots of drug addicts would use the individual bathrooms to shoot up or smoke etc so I always checked the bathrooms before I locked up.
Anyways I make sure to bang on the doors really loudly before I open the doors and make sure no one is inside before I turn off the lights and make sure to check the lobby.

Tonight it all goes workout issue so I lock the door and check it three times as I am a little OCD about locks and particular things like that. Well at this point I’m putting away food into our large walk in cooler and I hear a loud bang. Looking up I close the door and silencing the loud fan I assume it’s someone banging on the glass near the locked door so I look up to see but no one is there. I disregard it and go back to my task, no sooner am I finished and I head to the back kitchen to the sinks with the last of my dishes for the night I hear another BANG BANG BANG!

It’s so loud I actually dropped a dish and it shattered, cursing I look to the camera monitor and my heart drops into my stomach. There standing by the cash register I see a broad shouldered man with dark skin, a dark blue button down shirt and a pair of khakis. I notice his arms are crossed over his chest and his hair is cut short to his head and from the angle he’s standing at it looks like he’s starting out the window.
So here I am it’s nearly ten pm I’m alone and locked inside with a strange man.

Now clearly I’m freaked out. I know I checked the lobby, the bathrooms, I have a particular system and I always check the door three times before I do my closing duties, not to mention we have a bell that booms over the intercom anytime the door opens…

So I do the most retarded thing I can do, I sneak up to the front wondering if maybe it’s a camera glitch, and as I peak around the corner I see the register but no one is there.
Now where I’m standing is a prep table where we work and also the phone, at the time I didn’t have a cell phone, so I grab the phone incase I need to call the police.

I should mention I do have a tazer, my husband had gotten me for Valentine’s day, so I carefully walk out into the lobby and see no one, I check the door, it’s still locked. So I go back to the bathrooms, pulling out my taser, my heart pounding in my chest. There is no way to get out of the store without a key, or without passing me so naturally I’m scared but I don’t want to assume the worse.

I call out, “Hello? I’m sorry we’re closed!” But no one answers.

So I carefully open the women’s bathroom turning on the light and no one is there, so I turn to the mens room and do the same, fully expecting some guy to be inside but when I turn on the lights it’s empty.

I’m relieved, so I chalk it all up to being tired and go back to the kitchen to finish up my work.

But this time I look into the moniter and see the same man… standing infront of the register but this time he’s looking up at the camera… I can’t really see his face the camera is fuzzy on the top of the screen.

This time I run to the front but no one is there.

As I turn to go back to the moniter I scream when suddenly I hear a deafening BANGBANGBANG!

It was coming from the bathroom.
I had checked it, the door was locked. I was scared at this point, I didn’t know what to do so I ran to the back swept up my mess and grabbed my stuff.

I left early that night once I got home I called my boss to apologize for leaving the store the way I had left the store. I told him I wasn’t sure I could work there anymore but after a two dollar raise I agreed, but only if I could move to opening instead of closing.

I ended up closing alone for a few weeks after, till my boss found someone for me to train, I told her from day one the place was odd. And though I still heard the banging I didn’t chase it, but on the new closers first night with me and my last closing shift, she turned to me about 30minutes before we left and said with a shaking voice, “De… there’s someone by the resister.”

I glanced at the moniter and her face, I told her to stay and watch the moniter as I went up to check. As usual no one was up there and as I turned to walk back I heard her scream.

Running to the back there she was, standing in the same spot as before but dishes were everywhere like someone had thrown them off the shelves, but the thing is, these shelves everyone needed the latter to reach, and the latter was still up front by the sign in sheet. Looking to the moniter the font was empty again.

Wordlessly we finished cleaning and left, once we were outside she laughed and grinned at me.

“Wow… you weren’t lying!”

“What happened when I went up front?” I asked, curious to figure out what was really going on.

“Sorry… when you walked in I heard someone say something behind me so I turned around and that’s when all the dishes hit the ground.”

Now I was disappointed, the cameras didn’t record so it wasnt like I could rewind the tape… but I guess I’ll never really know what happened.

She never had another experience like that again and I worked the opening shift for two years without anymore problems. But everyonce in a while I could still see that man by the resister.

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