They didn’t believe me

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I am 24 now, I was 12 then. This took place in Vale, North Carolina. For the safety of my family, I won’t disclose the name of the road that they live on. For all of my family on my father’s side lives on and around that road. It was a dirt road, it was about a half a mile long, and winded to the right and straightened back out. Was met with hills of golden hay to the right, and cattle pastures to the left.
Truly beautiful my home town was, but don’t judge that book on its cover. Haah. So here we go. Lemme explain to you, my surroundings and buildings and the scenery so you can place yourself in my shoes.
My daddy-o’s house was a doublewide trailer, sitting on 2 acres of land, our cousin lives next to us to our right, also in a doublewide trailer. 15-20 acres of golden Hay field behind us with a treestand in the middle of it overlooking the tree line at the bottom of the hill.
Across the road from us are 3 neighboring houses, from left to right, are 2 doublewide trailers, and a brick home. With the 2nd trailer being directly across from my father’s home. So there you go. Dirt road, country town and nobody bothers you if you wanna go play army in the woods with the family. Gosh I miss those days when we didn’t have to pay taxes or rent, and could pick my nose without getting judged. Haaha. But enough of that.
Like I stated, at this time I was 12, unsupervised and running around the back yard picking up broken pieces of 2×4’s and playing pirate or something stupid like that. I was a swordsman, a glorified knight ready to slay down a dragon if it dare came into my daddy’s backyard. Slashing wildly into the wind and spinning around saying hiyaahh! Like the awesome knight I was. When my fun time was cut short.
My neighbors dog started going ape shit. And I mean, frantically, and viciously barking as loud as it could. That dog always scared the shit out of me, I couldn’t walk up the road past his home without it spotting me and barking until I was out of range. And then he would bark some more. I think he was a lab mixed German shepard. Not sure.
I stopped what I was doing and went out into the open area beside of our home to see if he had just spotted a squirrel or something. When there the beautiful bastard stood.
It’s just becoming dusk. The sun behind the trees now casting miniscule shadow but still lighting up the sky, yet I see him plain as day.
Between my across the road neighbors home, and my neighbors brick house stood 6-7 small to medium sized pine trees.
This thing stood slightly to the left, behind the 2nd or 3rd pine tree. It was broad, with silky jet black fur. It looked like a linebacker, a 6.5-7.5 ft tall line backer visibly hunched over slightly, and with a visible head of a classical wolf.
“Holy Crap”, I had thought to myself.. I can visibly see it’s breathing motions. And it is staring right at me! Now.. I cannot tell intent, malevolent or what not. I cannot tell you that. I can tell you. Was that I about pissed my pants. I had saw a freaking werewolf, and it looked directly at me, the neighbors dog was still going ballistic. He just wouldn’t shut up. Like always. After about 30-45 seconds of staring each other down. I immediately ran up the back porch steps to go inside and tell my father. To my luck, the door didn’t budge. The back door was always locked. I had forgotten.
So I instantly reignited my curiousity, and ran back around the house to see if it was still there. But all I saw. Was it’s lower torso, legs and feet paws sprinting behind my neighbors house. So I knew what i had seen was real! My neighbors dog went silent.. As a mouse. As if it was commanded to. I ran over underneath our back porch. To seek immediate safety from our family pit bull. Her name was Chyna, she was a brindle, and she was beautiful. We keep her on a runner line and let her roam our back yard. Alot of the time she lives inside and slept in the bed with me.
She was my hero. And here I thought we had rescued her. Haah. Sorry. I had to recall the good before I get to the next part.. the image is still burned into my mind. And I don’t think I’ll ever forget it to be honest. But this is what you came here for, so I’ll let you hear it. Believe me or not. I don’t care. I have already made fun of for it. It doesn’t phase me anymore. I am prepared. I’ve studied the paranormal and cryptid for years and I am ready for them. All of them.
I left my best friends side, ran to the left side of the house and back around the center of the house up the front porch stairs and bursted through the front door, locked it. And went into my room to the right and gazed out of the window for about an hour. But saw nothing. Almost disappointed. The day had finished and I was well asleep.
When I was awoken by the sound of Chyna barking viciously.. I didn’t move. Because I recalled the thing that I had seen.. it was gonna get my baby girl.. I loved her so much. I was a strict Lutheran based child and had always been in Sunday school growing up. So with tears in my eyes and fear in my heart I got out of my bed, fell to my knees, folded my fists and began to pray aloud.
“Dear Lord, and Heavenly Father above, I beg you, I don’t know what to do, please protect her, she’s everything to me she’s my angel, shes my baby. Protect us from that thing and make it go away, please, Amen.”
I wasn’t very good at praying, I’ve always been awkward about it. I have no idea why, but it worked. Chyna had calmed, and after 30 minutes or so I left the tv on a blue blank screen and I had fallen back asleep.
The following morning. I was awoken to the sound of loud knocking at the door. As well as frantic talking, not quite yelling but with raised voices outside. I threw on my clothes curious, and went outside the sun was blinding me for a minute or two but I adjusted.
It was my cousin. Speaking with my father. He was angry and confused. He told my dad. “She had to have done it! Let’s just go look at them then!” My father responded with “ok, let’s go”. I shuddered and stammered with my words. “Dddadd, whats going on..?” He ignored me, as I hopped and ran to be by his side. My cousin led us to his chicken fence enclosure that is 10ft or so in length, 8 feet or so in width and 6 or 7 feet or so in height.
What I saw on the ground was near nightmarish. He had 2 goats inside his enclosure that he had gotten for his younger daughters 4 and 6 years old in age if I am not mistaken. One goat to the left. Was pinned against the front side of the enclosure, with its throat ripped out clean.. it looked like something had picked it up, took one, great and clean bite out of its neck, and threw it against the fence to die. The other goat. Died with no visible injuries upon inspection. “Dad… what happened to that one..?” I said shaken.. “I guess some coyote hopped the fence and got the other one, and this one died of a heart attack being afraid..” said Dad. My cousin exclaimed. “I think it was your damned Dog who did it!” Me and my father both exclaimed “it couldn’t have been Chyna and if it was, let’s go look at her mouth and teeth, come on! There will have to be evidence!”
So we went behind our home and Chyna greeted us all with a wagging tail as my father and my cousin stand a few meters behind us. I examine her teeth and pull her lips up to check and find no dried blood anywhere on her body. I exclaimed, “See?! Nothing on her! Plus, she’s been on the runner all night and morning long she couldn’t have possibly let herself loose and put herself back on the runner, and me and dad just woke up so we couldn’t have done it!”
“Well I guess it was coyotes then…” My cousin stated, shaking his head confused and in disbelief at his current situation as he walked away from us. “Sorry ya’ll, we haven’t even had them goats for 3 weeks” my father exclaimed, “well next time think before you blame Chyna, she’s a good dog, she would never do something like that” as me and my father walk back around to the front of the house and go up the porch and back inside I look at him and I say..
“Dad.. I saw a werewolf last night, I think Chyna saw it too because she was barking at something and it woke me up.” He scoffed with amusement, “you got a great imagination son but it was probably just a coyote” as he went back into his room to watch NASCAR or football or whatever.
I Told my closest cousins, I’ll call them Henry, and Aaron. That I seen a werewolf, it killed our cousins goats. And they laughed at me for years to come calling me werewolf boy. I know what I had seen. It has been 12 years since I had seen what I had seen. And even if you make a mockery of me and laugh as well. Those goats didn’t think it was too funny of a joke. One wasn’t able to scream like the ones on youtube and the other was literally scared to its death. So I urge you all. Be a skeptic if you will, but don’t ignore your gut feeling. Don’t throw caution to the wind. When in doubt pray, arm yourself with knowledge, holy water and salt even. And keep an open mind.

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