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I am as most people say of me obsessed with the thought of there being things out there that not everyone sees or believes in especially the paranormal. I have had many encounter each seeming more terrifying than the last but the one i’m going to tell you about has been by far the most nerve raking encounter. The thing that makes this the scariest to me is the fact that it’s 2 events spanning across a year and a half but i didn’t know the events were connected until the 2nd. Now before I begin i probably give some background information about myself, I am a 16 year old male i’m roughly 5. 10″ and only weigh 115 lbs. I have lived all over the united states now living in North Carolina. So lets begin with the first event now this wasn’t the first time i’d experienced paranormal activity but it is the first in this string of events. So anyway it was last year I was a freshman in high school and the high school and middle school and a park are all on the same road. So one Saturday afternoon me and my family went to this park my Mom, Dad and sisters went to the park area but i was going on a run down the trail that connects the park and middle school  its roughly 2 miles. So I put in my headphones and started to run everything was perfectly normal then about half a mile in something didn’t feel right. It seemed darker than when I had started I brushed it off and speed up a little the I saw a shadowy figure following me at first it scared me but I again came up to the conclusion that it was just my shadow but then my headphones went static and a laugh came through T ripped them out and booked it out of the wooded part of the trail. At The time I was terrified but didn’t tell anyone because I knew no one would believe me. The second encounter was the second day of my sophomore year which come to think of it was very odd it was  the 2nd encounter 2nd day of school of the 2nd year of high school maybe I  should look into that but perhaps that will be the beginning of a different story. But anyway i was walking into school blasting my music when i walked by the school dumpsters (this is completely normal because the buses drop of in the back so everyone does) and when i walked by I saw the same shadowy figure except this time he seemed less like a shadow and more like a man with pointed teeth and yellowish eyes I almost fell out of fear and people asked what my problem was I looked back where he was and he was gone so I said that i just tripped and kept walking and then my music went silent and was replaced by a chuckle then my music came back on.

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Steps to fight against demonic spirit first you must pray this prayer
‘because this only works if you’re right standing with God.’

Father in heaven, I believe Jesus died for my sins and is lord and savior and I repent of my sins. I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me in my life. Father please forgive me. For I renounce pride, lying, murder, evil wicked thoughts, Mischief, false witness that speaks lies, and sowing of discord among brethren. I renounce these things and come to you like a humble little child, in the name of Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen.

Now you are able to protect yourself and your family by pleading the blood of Jesus Christ over yourself and others , Use olive oil to anoint the people and area in or around your home, this will bless the people and area for God as sacred ground/people. You can look up instructions on Google.

If confronted activities by a demon say “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ.”

I know this difficult to do, but from now on have a lifetime relationship with God through Jesus Christ.