There’s something in her woods.

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Just to clarify, this didn’t happen to me, it happened to my girlfriend a year or two ago. Nevertheless, i always get freaked out whenever im in her woods.

There’s been two incidents, so I’ll try to make them quick. One night she had a few of her friends over – laughing, drinking, having a good time in general.

They did all their little parties in her dad’s garage, which was a few yards away from the house. Beyond the garage was an unkept path that led into the woods behind her house. Across from the garage was an old trampoline that was too ripped to be able to jump on. They decided to head back in when it got dark.

My girlfriend has a big black dog, not sure of the breed, but they definitely knew she was inside at the time. Right before entering the house, my girlfriend looked at the trampoline and saw a pair of bright yellow, shining eyes.

Almost cat-like. She called her friends over, and they saw it too. Her dog, Jasmine, was right behind them in the house. When Jasmine let out a bark, the thing took off at an inhumane speed. The morning after, they found long claw marks on the side of the garage.

The second time was when my girlfriend was taking a walk on the trail through the woods, she has schizophrenia so she hallucinates a lot, but she swears that she knew what she saw was real. About half-way down the trail, through the dense shrubbery, she saw a grayish..

Thing walking on all fours. Its limbs look twisted and like it wasnt assembled right, but it looked human. She waited for whatever it was to pass before running back home. We never go out to her woods alone anymore, especially out night or without a weapon. She believes that her woods belong to wendigos or maybe skinwalkers, she couldnt tell very well.

One thing is for certain, something strange is living in her forest.


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