There is something living with my aunt

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First of, this story isn’t mine. It belongs to my aunt. Second, I don’t even know how to categorise it. I think it is both a creature and a spirit.

Ok. My aunt and uncle live in Russia. They were visiting us in Georgia in May 2017 and October 2018 and every time they visited us my aunt told me a story of a creature called Domovoy.

It started when my aunt, who we will call Maria, was still in college in Krasnodar. There she was hiring an apartment from some old lady. At first everything was fine until weird things started occurring. Books started falling over, things were moving and strange noises started being heard. I know this sounds really cliche but what happened next is the weirdest part. When my aunt was out on her courses and then returned her entire apartment was in a terrible mess.

Later when she married my uncle and moved into his house in the same part of Russia, she still was experiencing such things. She had sleep paralysis several times and heard loud banging in her house at night. You see, Domovoy is kind of a moody spirit. It doesn’t like being laughed at or not having it’s needs fulfilled, just like a small child, so my aunt would sometimes leave candies and other treats for it when she and other ones in the house would leave. Candy was always eaten. It was never left untouched.
I know the story may sound really fake but my uncle and cousin have said that it is indeed a truth. I don’t know if it could follow her from an old apartment but whatever it is, if not a Domovoy, is definitely making a mess in their house.

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