There are things in the woods

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I never told this story to anyone other than my family, and to this day, I am trying to forget it ever happenned, but what me and my friends spotted that night should be known. Maybe this will sound as a work of science fiction, and I wish it was that way, but whatever it was that we saw was way too real for the imagination of four preteen boys. Anyways, this is my story, or better said my reality.

I was raised in a relatively small town in Slovakia situated between agricultural plains in the north and forests in the south. For generations, my family resided in a house on the street that bordered the murky woods.

At the time I lived there, I had two best friends, Philip and Tony, who both not only lived on the same street as me, but also were of the same age as I was and thus also attended the same class in the local school. Naturally, we grew to be very close friends and we practically did everything together. 

We shared the love for football, but since the football pitch was at the opposite side of the town, around ten minutes of walk, and our parents would never let us go there alone, we were forced to play on the forest road, that was just few dozen meters behind our backyards.

This road was only ever used for the transport of the agricultural goods that haven’t been harvested in this time of the year and so we were safe and undisturbed in our activities. We picked a habit of playing in this small grassy field where the road was entering the forest.

It was a hot summer day and Tony, as usually, called me to come to that grassy field to play football with Philip and one of his cousins who arrived for a visit.

Approximately after an hour playing there, we paused to catch a breath and rest a bit. We were just sitting in the freshly cut grass, telling jokes and stories, but when I turned my head towards the woods, I spotted something moving there, something that very closely resembled a sillhoutte which in a split second completely perished in the bushes and trees. A bit scared, I turned to my friends: “Hey, did you see that?” They all looked at me confused and shaked their heads in disapproval.

“Saw what?”,
“That figure”, and I pointed in the direction where I saw the movement.

Night was approaching rapidly and the sun almost set. The field was still relatively well lighted, but the dense forest was now submerged in the darkness. My friends tried to reason with me. In the end, forest is a naturally eery and mysterious place and it wasn’t the first time we saw strange shadows or heard noises coming from the depths of the unknown.

They managed to calm me down and few minutes later, when everyone was rested, we were back to our little football match. We played two on two, me and Tony against Philip and his cousin, with two goalkeepers in provisional goals we made from stones, and two field players who were trying to score.

We were fully concentrated on each other and the ball till the moment Tony abrubtely backed from his goalpost that was closest to the forest. He had goosebumps, his was unease and sweat was dripping from his forehead. His eyes, I will never forget the look in his eyes. They have been filled with fear as if he faced head to head a ghost. He was scanning the bushes one by one, then again and again and again, as if there was someone or something about to come out any minute.

“What’s wrong, are you okay?”, we asked him, flustered by his sudden change in behaviour.

“Something is there guys! I heard…. sounds..” which he described as a heavy, long exhaling interrupted by hissing.

He hardly finished a sentence when those sounds now pierced our ears too. And then;

“Crack… Crack.. Crack… Crack. ”

Something was moving out from the woods and trampling over the fallen branches and leaves.

Now, we were sure there was a creature of some kind lurking there. I turned to my friends and could clearly see that the seed of worry was now deeply rooted in their minds. Then Philip shouted loudly;

“Who’s there?”, as if he was really expecting a reply from whatever was hidding in the woods.

Then, he grabbed the ball and kicked it straight to one of the bushes from where the growls were coming from. I couldn’t understand what his intention was. He was either trying to scare that thing away or make it finally show itself.

For few seconds nothing happenned, but when he was about to retrieve the ball, that hideous thing finally made his appearance. First, its abnormally big head and then the body. Just the look at it terrified me. It was so humanoid, but nothing like I’ve seen before. It could have been good five or six feet tall, very skinny with ribs almost poking out of it. His mouth was filled with teeth or possibly fangs and his eyes were glowing in light yellowish color that was almost fading away.

It was just standing there in crouch stance, eyeing us down. I was utterly scared and trembling, and I believe shivers went down my spine number of times. I think I was ready to scream and cry at the same time, but I was afraid to move a muscle fearing it would provoke some sort of reaction from it. It is so hard to even put in  the words the feelings and thoughts that were going on in my head.

It all felt like the worst nightmare I could imagine, except that I was fully awake and the object of this nightmare was in the flesh, standing right before me. Honestly, I do not remember what was going on with the three other guys. I was too absorbed in what was in front of me to perceive anything else, but I am guessing they were all statuelike just as I was.

For few seconds that felt like eternity we were just standing there motionless and so did that thing. But after those few seconds finally passed, this humanoid monster made a strange gesture that closely resembled the one cats do when they feel threatened and it made few steps towards us on all four. At this point, our sense of self preservation kicked in and all four of us were now running literally for our lives. I never ran so fast and I never before felt this lingering, depressive feeling that I may lose my life.

All four of us, heavily panting and pale from fear, made it to the Philip’s backyard door that he thankfully left unlocked and closed them behind us. We were still running down towards the house when the loud metalic noise reached us. It sounded exactly like something bodyslammed the metal door. I pressume that monster was indeed hunting us down.

This was the last time we heard that strange thing. We reached the safety of our houses and obviously told our parents about this terrifying occurence, but they disregarded this as some prank that teenagers played on us. But what we saw that night was definitely not a teenager or for that matter any human crossdressing.

Since that day, we never ever played in that grassy field. I always feared to go even near these woods after what we have experienced. I returned there maybe twice or thrice, but never alone, and I refused to go too deep in and for more than couple of minutes. Those few times I was there, I could not shake a feeling of being watched. I am now 27 and I still have bad dreams from time to time.

Thankfully, I no longer live in this area, but shivers still go down my spine whenever I think of all the kids that like to hold bonfires near those woods and people going in for walk with their dogs. Maybe, just maybe, there still is something watching their moves, ready to make its next appearance.

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