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This story is the reason I never go into the forest at night. I never thought of posting this story in fear that I would not be believed. But I stumbled across this website by chance and read “Seeker”. To my astonishment and horror, the author of that story has a strikingly similar tale as me.
The forests of West Virginia are a beautiful place during the day, but they quickly turn erie at night. I found this out on September 26th at about 9pm 2016. I was out for a relaxing night stroll, something that had become a regular thing for me since I had moved to West Virginia. I walked on a wet sidewalk along the forest, whistling a tune. Yankee-Doodle to be exact. I strolled along whistling until I came to a part of the sidewalk where there was almost no light.

I then heard a whistle come from the forest, the same tune that I had just whistled. But it sounded faint and hoarse. Far away. I peered into the dark forest, and saw two round white lights reflecting back at me. I soon realized that I was looking at a large eyes.

I had no idea how long he had been watching me. But I was quite disturbed and creeped out. I stared at the eyes for about 5 minutes before I decided that whatever was watching me didn’t mean any harm. I started heading back towards my house, but looking behind me every so often to make sure the thing wasn’t following me. I

After a few minutes of walking I got back to my car. I started driving off when I glanced at my rearview mirror and saw something that still scares me today. A tall man with a red and black plaid shirt dark blue jeans and a face blurred by two enormous reflecting eyes. He held his scarily large palms out for me to see, on each hand a bloody red symbol was carved into the flesh. It looked like a bleeding eye.

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I thought that the man was simply my imagination, or me going crazy, but now that you claim to have seen this “Woodsman”, I am not so sure…