The Woods

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It was a rainy cold day, and as unusual as it may seem, my favorite kind of weather.  As usual my little brother had all of his friends over, so seeking for refuge I went to a nearby school that had woods in the back.  Upon arrival I could see the could of fog engulfing the woods.

Keep in mind that this was a very small forest, taking little under a minute to run through.  Furthermore the forest consisted of a swamp area, a small portion of paved forest, a very dark compressed part, and a large T shaped field.  This story takes place in the swamp and paved forest.

As I walked through the woods, instilled with curiosity of how dense the fog was, when I saw something in the dark compressed portion of the forest.

It seemed like the usual lowered branches from a tree, but after realizing how curved, and lowered the branches were compared to the other branches, I came to the realization that this was a deer.  Soon the dread and confusing hit me like a train as I recalled the height of the antlers behind the tree, nearing 6 feet.

My stomach dropped even before It saw me.  Slowly, like a child peering behind a tree in hide and seek, it looked at me.  Showing its decaying face.  It was missing an eye, and the other one was pure black, with half its face revealing its face decaying to bone.

Its arms reached to its knees, with dagger like nails, holding a live squirrel, and worst of all its grin soon revealed itself, with rows of reddish brown pointed teeth.

Suddenly it dropped the squirrel and started communicating in an almost woman voice, pleading for help.  In reaction I snapped out of my frozen state and bolted for the nearest house, which would be a state police officer’s house) footsteps booming behind me.

Almost getting caught in the pricker bushes on the way there, I rudely ran into their house through their front door, without time to knock.  Once inside the wife saw me and asked what happened.  I hadn’t realized it yet, but in my hurry i’d cut my face on a branch, began to tear up, and cut my arms on the pricker bush in my escape.

Once I told her everything she went pale, obviously hearing the booming footsteps herself.  Later she told me not to worry about it, and go through her back yard, in order to avoid sight of the woods.

Later that night I heard tapping on my window, but stayed still and didn’t sleep the whole night.  The next school morning was rough.

Some of this story is true, I don’t know what tapped on my window that night, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it had any correlation with the creepy woods


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