The Woods by the Park

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I have always been a believer in the paranormal, but only to a certain point. I like to think ghosts are real, but I’ve never had any proof of their existence, so I kept simply being neutral until I had cold hard evidence that the paranormal was a thing.

Up until last summer, I was clueless.

But all of that changed pretty quickly.

To explain to you how this story is set, I have to start by saying that I’m a very weirdly sensitive person, in a way. I always seem to pick up on people’s feelings pretty quickly and I sometimes get these odd feelings when something is about to happen.

Look, I’m no superhero, but it’s just a small thing about me that’s relevant to the story.

In my town, there’s this park where a lot of people go during the summer. It’s a very happy place that children go to with their families. There are many playground extensions for the kids and even a small waterpark.

During the day, I always get very positive energy driving past there. So many people, all happy and dandy.

Next to this park is some sort of forest. There’s a very long bicycle trail that countless sports lovers like to roll on in the warmth of the summer under the cool shade of the trees.

Personnaly, I’ve only taken my bike there once I think, when I was young.

At night, though… It’s a whole different deal.

There’s that awfully unnerving feeling you get from wandering around a place usually so full of life and suddenly empty; like corridors of your old high school after everyone is gone or something.

My friends and I were between the ages of 16 and 20 at the time. By that I mean that one of us was 16, I was 17, along with my other friend and her boyfriend was 20. We’re a very close knit group of friends and we like to go to parks and forests at night just for the hell of it.

We were just hanging out, playing around with the different installations of the park, enjoying pleasant conversations amongst ourselves.

At that time, I was getting these odd vibes that came in small, teeny tiny waves where I’d get anxious. That never happened before, because usually, my anxiety is much different, but I just blamed my disorder for it, thinking it would go away.

Suddenly, though, I felt something hit me.

It’s a very odd feeling, hard to explain, but I’ll try.

Imagine feeling a huge lump form up in your throat as if you were about to cry, but not feeling sad or any tears. Feeling your heart almost skip a beat and shivering from your shoulders down to your knees, almost feeling gooey on the inside, numb, as if your articulations were going to give in any moment.

“So, are you okay? You look pale…” My friend noted.

“Yeah, bro, what’s wrong?” The other chuckled, not really taking my distress all that seriously.

He knows I’ve done theater for a long time and I like pranking them sometimes, but boy did I regret crying wolf at that point.

“I don’t… I don’t know…” I managed to form.

Soon, it wasn’t only the lump in my throat, my heart was pounding and I felt somewhat sad, but maybe my emotions were going haywire because that’s honestly what it felt like.

I tucked my hands in my pockets, something I do when I feel vulnerable, and looked towards the forest.

It was so dark outside, we could see the forest illuminated by the moon, but nothing more. The bright agressive lights of the adjointed tennis court had shut off hours ago and we were left in the dark for quite some time.

There was this specific spot by the edge of the forest that I just did not feel okay with. Every inch of my body was telling me to get away from it.

To test my theory, I inched closer and it got worse. I turned my back to it, holding my breath. Let me tell you, even at about fifteen yards from that particular spot, it felt like someone was going to grab my shoulders any moment, so I quickly turned back and got away from where I was.

“What’s wrong?” My friend asks.

“It’s just… This spot feels… Not good, I don’t know… I don’t like it, I want to get away from it.” I respond, looking at the ground, trying to manage my brain who was marinating in a cocktail of confusion and fear.

I was about certain I was going to have a panic attack, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt.

“Where?” My friend asks me.

I pointed at the spot and shoved my hand right back in my pocket. I felt so cold and I didn’t want to be in the park anymore.

She diverted her gaze to the spot I showed her.

“What the…”

By then, all of us looked at what she was looking at.

Right where I had pointed, there was a tall shadowy figure. It was gigantic, surely over six feet, but definitely under seven feet.

It honestly looked like some giant man just standing there in the forest, but the shadow…

The shadow had no… feet.

We could see its head and the frame of its shoulders and its arms and torso, but around its knees, it was faded and unclear.

“Oh my god!” My friend yelps, getting behind me.

“Don’t get behind me, I’m just going to punch you and run for my life.” I try to joke.

She got a laugh out of it.

“This is just… What the hell?” My other friend says.

All of us stood completely still, staring at the shadow that we were all seing. There was no way all of us were hallucinating the same thing. We all described it briefly and it was the same.

My friend, being the person he was, turned on the flashlight of his phone and aimed it at the shadow figure.

Ever so slightly, it shifted and that’s when we bolted.

We didn’t go far though, because we were too curious and I had the idea to take a picture of me near the forest. I had heard on one of the Psychic Twins videos that orbs manifest in photographs around the most psychic people.

Frankly, I don’t think I’m much of a psychic, but I do believe, now, that maybe I’m some sort of sentient and at the time, I was the only option, seeing as I was the only one feeling horrible during the whole thing.

We all checked the photo and…

There were two orbs.

One by my face.

The other near the spot I was so uncomfortable with. Obviously, the shadow was gone.

“Oh, my god, what the heck?!” I say in disbelief.

We checked like twenty times to see if the orbs couldn’t have been some reflective surfaces, but no. And it was too late in the summer for bugs to still be out, it was very cold that night. Besides, it really did not look like they were bugs.

By then, I had had enough, so we all sprinted towards the parking lot and I was getting a little dizzy.

Quick as lightning, I unlock my car and we all pile in.

Sitting at the driver’s seat and shutting the door, I get this huge wave of relief. Suddenly, it’s like I’m free of this stress that was building onto me.

Still, I had this odd feeling most people get after getting the stress out, like finishing an oral presentation you were nervous about. Your chest is still sort of heavy, but so light at the same time and you just want to crumble down to the floor and breathe properly for a while.

After I collected myself, I started the car and we drove away.

My friends and I still don’t know what that was, but it was definitely no human. It had no face.

Maybe it was a ghost.

Or maybe it was something else.

Something more dangerous.

Maybe that’s why my body was itching to run away, far from the place.

My friends and I bought a ouija board and we’re planning on returning there when we can to see if we can catch anything.

Some may call us reckless, but curiosity pushes us and we need to know what was it that we saw that night.

Either way, I don’t think I can ever forget this.

Whoever or whatever that was… It was sad… And troubled… And probably dangerous to some level.

I just know that we all need to know.

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