The white witch

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Hi, my name is not important for this this true event,
All i can say is.. am getting old now. And I need to share my story’s with the Internet. This happened in the Dominican Republic, yes I used to live there. I know America is full of Dominican people. I hope am not the only one who have seem something like this.. I will try my best for you to understand my true story because English is not birth language.. Anyway.. this happened like 25 years ago. I was only 6 or 7 years old, and I used to have a best friend who his name also doesn’t matter because am a little afraid right now to post this.. so anyway like every day we used to hang out no to far from our home’s, and talked about a lot of things. It was like we were grown man.. the way we talked about life..
But on that day everything changed for me. We were talking about something.. I am not sure about what… But I remember it was near a building, were the so called white witch used to live. She lived at the top floor of the building. My friend was talking and talking so I begon to look around me. And I noticed something at the top of the building. It was a man. He was dressed in red. My hart was speeding up. Because I noticed that he had a freaking tail dude. And I saw also that he had the pointing things on he’s head. I even saw he’s tail moving, like it was a lions tail but red. Anyway we locked eyes for a few second. I begon to freak out, I couldn’t even talk. This thing was looking at me with pride in he’s eyes. My friend was touching me and saying to me what’s wrong. In till finally I turn around a bit to look at my friend. I saw terror in his eyes.. I think because he saw terror in my eyes, he asked me what was wrong, I said to him.. lo lo look at the top of the building. He turned to look at the building, while he was saying there’s nothing there, I was also turning to look at the building again. But of cures.. there was nothing up there anymore.. I stood up, I begon to run like hell. My friend was running after me, he was scared because of me. I notices it in he’s eyes and voice.. when I took one little glance to look at him ruining behind. I was finally our house. I thing my friend also when in to he’s home. I think a went to bed real early that day because it wasn’t even dark outside.. I have never talked about this with my best friend. Only with a few ex girlfriends.. I happily never saw this red demon again, or dreamed about it. And i hope.. i never do. That was my first paranormal in counting. Thank.

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