The White Van

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This takes place in the United Kingdom.

Now before i start i am going to give you a rough idea of where i live.  i live in a cul-de-sac  which is in the shape of a circle. the middle of the circle was grass which my friends and i would play on when we were younger. My house was in the bottom left corner and my two friends who we will call Jess and Noah lived on the opposite side of the circle.

during this long and hot summer their were kidnapping attempts around the area but as young and naive we brushed it off as we lived in such a close neighbourhood with houses surrounding us. we felt safe in our own little world until what happened that day.

The three of us were out playing football (soccer) on the circle. we played happily for about an hour then we noticed a white van come into the cul-de-sac, now we didn’t think much of this as someone who lives here owned a white van. we carried on playing as the van went round the circle. once the van went round once we thought they must of gone the wrong way or something and they were leaving but we were so wrong…

The van went round again and again. By the 4th circle we started to get a bit worried as our parent told us about the attempted abductions. we decided to start walking to my friends house as my parents were at work. Jess’s mum was at home so that was our best bet. as we got off the grass and walking over the road, the van sped up to get to our side. we saw that and ran for the house. as we got to the gate i look around and saw the van stopped close to us as a man and a woman got out.

The woman was holding something behind her back which i couldn’t see as we were running. we got to the house and slammed the door just in time as the couple were at the front gate. i told Jess to go get her mum who was inconveniently in the shower at the time. after Jess went to get her mum i looked at the front door which had a glass panel which had a pattern on it so you could only see the outline of a person if someone was at the door which is exactly what i saw.

the i see the figure bend down and open the letter box. all i could see was a pair of brown eyes. i was frozen as we forgot to lock the door as we were in a panic. the next thing i head was a mans voice saying “is your mummy or daddy home?” I couldn’t reply as i was still in shock. i looked at Noah and said to call 999.

As Noah went to get the house phone as we were to young to have mobile phones i head the letter box slam so i ran to the living room to check out the window and saw the couple running full speed towards their van. then Jess’s mum came down in a dressing gown asking what was going on. i burst into tears telling her that the white van man was going to get us.

by the time she went to look outside all she could see was the back end of the van leaving the circle. The three of us were peeking out the front door to see what was going on and as i looked towards the front gate i saw a length of rope and some duck tape which they must of dropped when they were running to the van. after this Jess’s mum called the police and they came within the hour. they took the rope and duck tape and took statements from the three of us. after this incident we never heard of the white van again. they never caught anyone either. they just vanished.

I still live in the same house now and still close friends with Jess and Noah. we were all scared by this experience and wish to never go through it again.

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