The White Man and Grey Dog

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I have many skeptical friends who NEVER trust me when I bring up stories, but I think a camping trip a few years back might’ve changed the minds of a few. I was taking a trip with 11 friends. 12 of us total. 10 of them were skeptics about ghosts, monsters, Bigfoot, and all those other things. My BFF and I were the only firm believers. We stayed up until about midnight telling ghost stories while eating marshmallows and hot dogs. At 11:13 P.M. (according to my friend’s watch) my eyes did something that they do often. They happened to turn to an area with me remembering my dad’s advice to keep an eye on my surroundings. As I was telling a story about the Molly Maguires, I stopped mid-sentence when I saw a grey figure on what looked like 4 legs just standing still in a clearing about 100 feet away. One of my friends said “And the man was . . .” “I lost my train of thought” I lied.

That night, I was sleeping deeply, when a CRACK! woke me up. I shot up and checked the watch I was wearing. It said 4:16 A.M. I was annoyed, but also scared. That sound meant someone was around. I grabbed a fishing pole and slowly crawled out of the tent, careful not to wake my friend (we had 6 tents, so 2 in each.) I could see something in the dying embers of the fire,. It was tall, about 6 feet and was all white. Following at its heels was the same thing I had seen earlier. I swallowed a yell of alarm and quietly slid back into the tent. I woke up my friend and clamped his mouth. His glare told me that I better have a good reason for what I did. I whispered to him that I saw what I thought were ghosts. His eyes immediately widened. His eyes told me his question and I nodded to confirm I was telling the truth. he peeked outside and stuck his head back in a few seconds later. He was as pale as a bottle of milk. He asked in a whisper “What do we do?” I shrugged and told him to just stay in the tent. I then took a bottle of pepper spray (for bears) unzipped the tent, burst out, and yelled “WHO’S THERE?!” There was no response. All 10 people stuck their heads out of their own tents. 9 of them looked annoyed, but 2 looked a bit shaken. I thought I had scared them awake, but the next morning told me something else had.

The next morning, one of my friends (we’ll call him Harley) asked us if we heard anything last night. I said that Grant and I had. Harley told us he thought they were almost like footsteps, but soft, like the feet were barely touching the ground. One of the girls with us, Quintella, said she heard the same thing. When I asked what time, he said “I don’t know, like 1:20 A.M. or something.” When I asked Quintella, she said around 3. They were both unable to sleep after that. While the ladies got changed in the woods, I asked the 7 guys there if they believed now. Harley and Chris were the only ones. When the 4 ladies got back, I asked them. Lauren and Quintella do now. They now are equal at 6 skeptics and 6 believers. I asked the park ranger about it. (We had been sleeping next to a park.) He said a lot of people aren’t allowed in there because it’s dangerous. When I asked him what was dangerous, he simply said “Strange stuff.”

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