The werewolf of Woodstone

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It was an average night. Me and my best friends did what we all loved to do on full moons- werewolf searching. We all thought of it in good fun…

Until this happened. We walked down the darkened sidewalks, me with a silver plate in hand, my friend armed with a flashlight. The werewolf locator, downloaded on my iPod, was dinging ever few seconds. We had almost made it to the tree line. A low ditch awaited us. We stood in silence, panting heavily…

Until we heard it.

A bone-chilling howl. My heart skipped a beat.

“Hey, was that you playing that on your phone?” I ask my friend.

“I didn’t bring it with.” She said, eyes wide. A rustle from behind us. I howled in return, even though it would likely bring the beast closer. A growl began in my throat. This is what I had been practicing for. All of the howling, snarling, and growling. I saw a shadowy figure that looked half animal dart through the ditch in front of us. My friend screamed.

“DID YOU SEE THAT?” She asked, breathing faster than ever.

“I saw it. Unless I’m dreaming…” Another howl. But this time, close by. Low growling. The beast was only a couple feet away. It’s red eyes glinted maliciously. It’s grey fur seemed almost silver in the moonlight. It pounced at me. I instinctively held my silver platter in front of me.

Let’s hope my mom doesn’t care about that plate… I thought. The noise was spectacular. The creature, unable to stop its’ jump, ran chest first into the silver platter. It howled in agony, snapping viciously at me. I felt the long canines sink into my arm, just above the elbow. I screamed. My friend was paralyzed with fear. Nobody would be in their mind enough to stop my death. Footsteps echoed around. I could see blood pouring from the bite marks. The beast had stopped attempting to bite me. The silver appeared to be burning its’ flesh. The malicious glint was gone. I was almost blacked out. I heard a higher pitched howl, one that sounded almost coyote-like. There, moonlight illuminating her, was my other friend. She charged at the beast, holding a large stick.

She struck it once, twice, until finally, it turned tail and ran, burned and bruised. We all managed to gain our nearly scared-senseless selves back into the house for some pizza. I would never forget that night, not as long as I lived.

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