The Weird Voicemail

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So today after school I was in my mom’s car and my friend was there too. My mom went to stop somewhere and I was just bored so I decided to look at my voicemails. I saw one from California and decided to listen, what I heard was really odd. It was this siri generated voice that was of a woman. She said that there was an investigation and I have a law suit and that I must call her back or they will proceed forward. The voice kept on cutting out and echoing to the point it sounded demonic. After I heard it me and my friend were surprised and thought the worst. But after we got that off our minds we went to get food and the weirdest thing happened. I tried to listen to the voicemail again but it was a different person, it was a male talking about something. I remember seeing this voicemail from this guy before but kept it because I didn’t have time to hear it. And then later when I we dropped my friend off I listened again and I noticed it changed from saying in California to Unknown. I was very freaked out about this and my mom brought to my attention that they were saying something about arresting someone. So I believe whoever owned my phone before me did something that will get themselves arrested. Yes this all makes sense expect for the fact that, how is the voicemail able to change. If any of you know please tell me so I can have a peace of mind.


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