The Void

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This story occurred when I was in, I would say, the third grade. I can’t explain it, and if anyone else can, I’d be happy to hear it. I still look back at this, and I still feel the cold, dead feeling when I saw what I call “The Void”. Pleas enjoy, and here is my submission.

I play PC, never had an XBox or anything. The one I did have, it died. However, that doesn’t matter. One night on the weekend, I was playing up late my bedroom, around 11:30, just some Team Fortress 2. I was playing, and my mind told me, hey, turn around. Someone is in your room with you. Instantly, I shifted my eyes a small amount to my left. What I saw froze my bones. I saw a black void, but also a man dressed in all black. He wore a wool trench-coat, a fedora, black slacks, but no feet, just legs on the void. I just stared, my senses except my sight and fear going totally numb. I kept staring, until he smiled, then did the “come here” motion with his finger. I jumped up, and the void faded. I mean, it looked like the light set it on fire, it just burned up. I looked around, still hearing a humming sound in my ears, and my skin was ice-cold. I ran out my door, the fastest I’ve ever ran in my life, to my dad’s office where he worked on days he stayed home from his job, working there,. I started screaming and crying, “There’s someone in my room! Someone’s in my room!”. My dad jumped up, running into my room.

The room was completely empty. He looked at me, infuriated. “Is this a joke? Is this supposed to be funny? Go to bed, it’s late.”. I just looked around, in my closet, in all my drawers, but found nothing. The humming sound was very faint, and my skin was beginning to warm up again. I crawled into bed, and I did not sleep. Not for 2 whole days, until I had told myself that nothing was there.

I am still completely terrified, and sometimes see a little “glitch”, as I called it. I see a little bit of that void, and that man’s coat behind me sometimes, wherever I am, but mostly in my bedroom. I get chills even thinking about it, and I hate my room to this day. I am 14 now, and I was 7 when it happened, and I still feel just as scared now as I did that night. Thank you for hearing this, I’ve been needing to get this off my chest.

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