The Void Entity

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About two years ago, my family of 8 and I moved into a small rental home in Alabama. We made the most of what we had, and we were happy. Until my younger siblings started having horrible nightmares. My younger brother and I, as the two older kids in the household, had to take care of them when they woke up screaming almost every night. I started getting faint dreams that caused minor panic attacks at night as well. And soon, those foggy images became full on, skin crawling nightmares. I could no longer wake myself to help my younger siblings escape their frozen state of fear at night, because I as well was in shock after every dream. Then one night I witnessed something utterly unforgettable.

I had just experienced another nightmare… but this time when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t move. The room around me was dimly lit by the small night-light I kept in the corner for my little sister (since we shared the room). I frantically scanned my surroundings, still lying in my coma like state. Then, there it was. The creature from my nightmares…

I felt like I was screaming, but to no prevail. It was quite. The night was still, and all I could focus on was the ghost-like monster standing on the other side of the room. More then seven feet in height, it had to slightly bend over in order to avoid the ceiling. It was like an entirely black mist with a solid form, and barely translucent.

It had no mouth, but its head was a vertical oval that warped into its long skinny neck. Its body was tall and lean, and six curved horns stuck outward from it’s chest in a semi-circle (similar to an upside-down crescent moon). From its lower half were what I can only describe as tentacles. These tentacles had flat bottoms that stood firm on the floor and didn’t remind me of a squid at all. From what I could count, there were six of them. It’s arms (if you can even call them that) looked similar to the tentacles, but they bent upward and pierced through its empty eye sockets that seemed to have had universes trapped within them.

Staring into the eyes of this being was like drowning. You couldn’t breathe and you couldn’t escape it’s gaze. It was bad enough that I could vividly see it, knowing this was no longer a dream… and then it started to approach me.

It stood at my bed side… staring directly at me. I could hear my heart pounding against my rib cage as my lungs refused to function. And then it spoke… but not in any language I could directly hear. It’s difficult to explain, but it was just noise, no real voice, and I could understand exactly what it was saying.

“Michael.” It whispered. “Michael.” It repeated.

I could feel myself begin to breathe again. And once it had said “Michael.” once more, I found myself communicating with it.

“Is that your name?”

I hesitated to ask this, but it came out so freely. It didn’t respond… just stared… and after a minute of just looking down at me, it walked away… I was still frozen, so I couldn’t follow its movements. About five minutes past and I slowly was able to move my fingers. Then my arms and neck. And soon enough my entire body.

The first thing I did was look for the creature I had just met. But it was gone. Michael, as so it called itself, was the first, and hopefully the last encounter I’ll have with what my family now calls, a “Void Entity.”

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