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This is a story from my father who used to be in the air force. He retired after 21 years of service and has many stories from it but he’s told me that this is the one of scariest paranormal events that he’s been involved while serving.

Let me start by saying my father doesn’t scare easily. He’s a 5’11 guy with some incredibly muscular arms even now that he’s in his 50’s. Back then, he was 160 Lbs and a quick witted young man. This may be a bit short and details might be left out given how long ago it was and that it isn’t personally my story.

When my father was in the air force he had quite a few jobs, everything from spying on other countries to testing a then brand new device, the gps. This story revolves around a job where he had to climb very high buildings and landmarks alike to set up satellite-like devices. Unfortunately, I’m unable to remember if these were for weather purposes or for the GPS but I beleive it was one of the two. These devices were heavy and he carried them on his back while he was climbing and then set them up on the top of whatever he had climbed. He watched and stayed with them from morning to night to make sure the machines did their job. It was a boring job since he just sat there all day but he did it nonetheless.

On one particular day he was to scale an abandoned building, or a very run down one if not abandoned entirely. He entered the building and began his mission. He climbed up on a ladder lining the inside of a very wide and no longer used chimney to get to the roof to which he made the climb without incident. As you can imagine, he had a boring day sitting on top of this scratchy platform of a roof, watching a device that outside of set up, didn’t need his assistance all that much besides a couple tweeks here and there. When the day eventually ended, he was eager to get out of there. After all, it had gotten cold and very dark out, not to mention he was hungry and tired. He packed up the machinery and set it on his back and went to climb back down the ladder.

He got a little less than halfway down when he got an eerie feeling. The chimney was pitch dark and he couldn’t see a thing but he felt like someone was with him, despite being alone all day. He brushed it off as being paranoid in the dark and continued to climb down, depending on his touch more than anything else at that point. He didn’t make it very far when he felt a sudden drop in temperature, he was freezing and confused as to where it came from. He almost kept climbing down but something inside him told him to wait. He felt like there was someone directly behind him and he shuddered. When he heard a sudden voice behind his head, he was startled and gripped the ladder bars tightly. It was a cold and crisp voice that spat out:


My father was dumbfounded. He closed his eyes tight and held on the ladder for his life. The voice just kept screaming at him to turn around and eventually just began shrieking:


He never turned to look at whatever was shouting at him, even though everything in his being was telling him to look. He waited until the voice stopped before climbing down that ladder as quickly as he could without falling. When he got out of the chimney, he got out of the building and vowed not to go back. He thankfully never did.

To this day, he tells me that he’s sure that had he turned around that night, he would have definitely died. I’m just glad he’s still around to tell the story.

(Hopefully this time it registers my paragraphs, since it didn’t on my last story. If I learn anything more from my dad about this event, I’ll be sure to add it in a comment.)

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