The Veil

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So, I am about to tell you about a night that I truly have no idea if I slept at all. It was a night a couple of years ago in a room that has made me no stranger to paranormal happenings. A little backstory to myself, I am now 22 years old living in Central Texas with my parents. Loser, I know, get it outta your system. We have lived here for 13 years as of New Years 2018. Since living here, I have had multiple happenings that are paranormal ranging from frequent nightmares to real life hauntings. I am going to explain one that has stuck out to me as disturbing.

It was the beginning of fall 2016, and I had gone to bed at about 2230, or 1030pm. I suddenly woke up at 0212am and everything was oddly silent. My fan was on high because it was still rather warm out and yet I didn’t hear it nor feel the air moving. The only thing I heard was a strange sound made by something moving on the hardwood floor. This is where this gets strange. There were 6 pennies rolling in a perfect circle on the floor next to my bed. I looked over to the corner farthest from my bed where my TV was, and I saw this…. veil. It was a black mass, about 6 to 7 feet high and was about 3 feet bottom to top, solid, yet transparent like it wasn’t completely there. Somehow I suppose I convinced myself it was part of a dream I just woke from and fell back asleep.

I woke once again at 0223am to notice the coins were flat on the floor against the far wall now. This veil had disappeared and I felt the fan once again. I rolled over to face the wall, thinking I was right about it being a dream, and I felt this presence behind me, like it was right on the edge of my bed. I didn’t dare look. I simply hoped it was me being paranoid and closed my eyes.

At 0235am, I woke once again, this time I was very suspicious that what has been happening wasn’t just a dream. I slowly peeked around the room, and the pennies were now rolling from one end of the room to the other, and back again. The veil had made it to the foot of my bed, and I realized that I heard nothing again, not even the pennies. I felt true fear at this point, almost paralyzing. The air was so thick, it felt like breathing through a straw. I don’t know what happened after I slowly laid back down, but I don’t remember closing my eyes.

At 0247 I was awake again, wondering what is truly happening. I pinched myself and felt pain, so I suppose I was awake, but I felt the same as every other time that night I had woken up. I sat up and took a deep breath, but felt like I had taken a quick breath. This veil had now moved closer to the head of the bed, but was still a foot or two away. I felt it staring into me. It wasn’t a feeling of being watched, it was more of a feeling of me being prey to a starved predator and I am cornered. It stopped moving and the veil had become more solid, and now went all the way to the floor. I was staring forward towards my window out of fear of looking this thing in the face. Suddenly, the room became so silent my ears rang louder than I have ever heard before. This thing faded away into the corner where the floor meets the wall. I laid down after it was gone, nearly crying at this point. It took a while to fall asleep, but somehow, I did.

I woke up at 0715am, laying near motionless for about 20 minutes, wondering if I was awake, or if I dreamt the whole night. I asked myself if I was awake now. I asked what is going to happen next? At around 0800am I was positive I was now awake. I know this wasn’t sleep paralysis, as I could move my body and appendages. I have had other things happen in that room, as well as my mother, who had someone whisper to her on about 3 or 4 occasions as she now sleeps there. If anyone knows what may have happened, or had similar occurrences, I would love to hear about it. Would be a little comforting to know I’m not the only one….

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What the f@ck! I’m at a loss of what that could’ve been. It sounds absolutely horrible though and I haven’t a clue how you remained so calm. I don’t want to imagine what that was like but I know if I were to put myself in your place, I would have screamed and immediately left after the first experience that night. Although horrific, this is very intriguing. Since you’ve experienced other paranormal activity, your family as well, is it the house that’s haunted or you? I think to prevent this and other things from coming around I would sage the house, salt the windows and door frames, and say a protection prayer nightly; repeating the prayer or chant multiple times in a row out loud. I like to say: “This is a home full of love, peace and tranquility. You are unwelcome, you are uninvited and you will leave. Nothing is allowed anywhere near my family and I. In the name of God you leave now and never return!” Saying this with utter conviction has helped me multiple times. I know it sounds silly and I’m sure many don’t believe this works but the more you say it, meaning it with everything you are, the stronger the protection becomes. I speak from experience.

I hope whatever this was doesn’t return and I wish your entire family plagued by the paranormal, all the luck! 🍀🖤