The Unseen Force

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Have you ever walked into a room and felt like there was something there watching you? That is a feeling similar to what I have experienced; but on steroids, morphed like Bruce Banner turning into The Incredible Hulk. I had transferred from a shore station and was newly assigned to a destroyer at the 32nd Street Naval Station in San Diego. At times I would rent a room at a hotel off base to get away from the Navy as I wasn’t too happy with my new sea-going-command, or DVOIC (Division Officer In Charge). One night as I lay in bed in a hotel trying to decide what I was going to do the next day I felt something like a doorway opening in the room, but, from the corner of the room not the doorway to the hall. Now to try and clarify my point, no one feels a door opening in the normal world but, that night I had a distinct feeling that a doorway was accessed while an invisible force of energy of some kind flooded into the room followed by something with a seriously predatory nature.

Don’t ask me to explain the aura of energy and intense psychic pressure that filled the room. I didn’t feel normal fear; I felt what a prey animal might feel when in the presence of something that it knew fed on it that was right in front of it with nowhere to escape too. As I lay there trying to understand what was going on, I froze. There was nothing my eyes could see in the room, just the feeling of mental energy washing over and through me, as I tried to comprehend what was happening. I laid there in bed now very wide awake trying to make sense of what was happening, awake, worried but, not yet scared just curiously angry.

The thing that had entered the room did not move, its unseen presence tangible and overwhelming if not visible to my eyes; detected by some forgotten human sense, ancient and attuned to its wavelength. It stood there watching, predatory, and clinically observing me as I tried to find the ghost, demon or whatever supernatural presence was in front of me in return and understand what was going on. Being raised in a Baptist home by my grandparents who were ministers in the church, I remembered being told one day if confronted with supernatural evil to ask it “what in the name of Jesus Christ do you want?” So, I did out loud and with purpose. There was no answer, no growling or, sound of any kind but the presence vanished no longer detectable by my senses as an unseen force.

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This was not only incredibly written but it was engaging to read. Thank you for having the sense and ability to write your experience; you’ll understand my gratitude when you read the other stories posted here.

Wow, I haven’t a clue what came into your room and I’ve never, gratefully, had an experience quite like this. I’ve been followed, I’ve felt the entity in the room but to have their doorway open at such a primal and predatory level is something I’ve never even heard of. It’ll definitely be a moment in your life you’ll never forget!

Was this your first experience with the paranormal?