The upset ghost

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After moving out of my last house I lived in. I moved to a nice house opposite from that house was in my city. The first house I lived in was haunted as that story was previously shared.

Moving into the new house back in 2012 I got a large bedroom and there were some odd occourances like footsteps being heard upstairs that one time that even woke up my grandma from her nap on the couch. However nothing really occurred that was paranormal……until the talks of moving happened a few years later when someone was watching me. I can feel this presence and unlike in the first house it did not feel evil and wanted us out, rather, it enjoyed the company of me and me moving made it feel upset.

Nothing extremely unusual happened until my dad bought a new house back in 2016, one of the things that happened was in the downstairs bathroom in an isolated area there was flooding, flooding that had no explainable cause, the pipe to the sink didn’t burst, the wall pipe didn’t burst, toilet didn’t clog, nothing could’ve explained it. The bathroom was unoccupied for a couple days and the last time had no flooding.

What else happened was when I was making my sandwich I had a strong sense something wanted to stop me, and it was a good thing it did because I took a look at the sandwich bread and there was mold on it so I threw it out and made another one.

My friend would come over and we would watch movies and play video games and he claimed to see a figure standing outside but there was nothing there. So we went into the basement and did some live-streams and my phone being at 74% went down to 34% in only five minutes. The only problem was it was the middle of May and far too warm to not drain your battery but also not too hot to damage the battery either. So I chuckled and said “alright whoever’s doing this it’s not funny anymore, give back my battery power please” the moment I plugged my phone into the charger my battery went up to 78%

Then came the summer, the time when we were actually moving, the presence wanted to make sure the house would not be for sale, now this I’m a little skeptic as there should be an explanation as to how this got in, but a wasp got into the basement, even I’m a little skeptic as there is a logical explanation as to why it got there, my dad killed it though.

When my friend came over we were playing some video games and there was a moment where I shouted a profanity that isn’t YouTube friendly and we heard an old guy say in a loud and raspy voice “language” this voice did not match any voice that was in the house, it didn’t match my dad, there was no way you could get into the house without setting a chime sound the alarm always made, and me and my friend were the only ones in the house. So later my friend headed home and I carried on with my day.

The next day I woke up late and made myself some toast and eggs, shortly after eating I caught the smell of strong burnt toast, I usually don’t have my toast burnt that bad but I brushed it off as being the toaster, that is until I went to the toaster. I put my nose directly above it and took a good whiff, nothing, i went to the spot I smelt the burnt toast and it was still there, I took two steps out and no smell. Then the smell moved into the living room. I could tell because it wasent in the kitchen anymore. It slowly moved into the front foyer and living room before finally dissipating when it went up the stairs. You know how if this was an actual odour the smell would’ve spread out evenly throughout the house. So having a smell that confined is very unusual.

My friend came over a couple days later and he was watching family guy and I was playing Simcity 4 on the computer in the same room. All was good until a cold burst of wind went right behind me, I turned to my friend, seeing him at the couch. He looked at me as well acknowledging and confirming what we just felt. The wind felt like something ran past us. However there was no one there, we checked for any nearby vents, the closest one to give a cold blast like that was across the room, but, you had to stand right on top of it. We checked the windows and doors to see if they were closed and locked, they were, finally we did one last test and went outside. The wind was warm and it was a beautiful, sunny day.

Later we went downstairs to watch a movie, while we did that, we both saw disk case start lifting from the back. Both of us saw it and we both knew that none of us was even there to lift it from that side I quickly rammed my arms to keep it down. My friend and I both knew neither of our hands were remotely close to the disk in the first place. Other than that we had a fun day

Then I moved later that summer and yes I’m still close friends with my friend in this story. when I came back to the house to grab more stuff, the presence seemed angry at me, as if it was staring me down. It took a while but the house finally got new owners, and I hope if the ghost is there that it enjoys the new owners and doesn’t hate me.

If there is one thing I would say to the ghost, it would be that I never wanted to move, had my dads work been a lot closer, the moved would’ve never happened. I’m sorry for angering and upsetting whomever Spirit was in that house.

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