The unknown thing on the tracks

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First off, some background information. I’m 20 years old now and was around 7 or 8 at the time of this particular event. At the time we lived in the south of Spain in a very rural area with miles of wilderness around each town, each with their own interesting tales and traditions.

My family place at the time was situated in the middle of a lemon orchard which only served to amplify the sense of isolation to my young mind. Playing outside in the daytime was fine, but once it approached the night and the sun dropped behind the mountains, the place turned into a very eerie place indeed. Every crack of a stick or anything outside of the usual nighttime menagerie of animals would highten your senses as the feeling of being watched would almost make me sick, along with even my tougher older brother.

The part of the country we lived in often had heavy downpours that would damage the roads/tracks, if not wash them away entirely. Most animals would take shelter in these times but, well, not all of them I suppose. Me and my mother were returning from a routine trip to the store to get groceries and such, and as it was approaching winter time it was light when we got there, and dark by the time we left.

The track leading to our house was particularly heavily damaged that one evening. Making it so that we had to take the slippery bends and scary drop-offs of the hillside much slower than usual, adding to that strange “creep-factor” of the unusually quiet rows of lemon trees. After a while of driving we finally approached the large gate that separated the track, one turn to go up to our home and the other the farmer would use to go further into the grove.

It is when my mother got out of the truck and went over to unlock the gate that I saw these piercing green eyes way off in the distance, dimly lit by both the headlights and the occasional piece of moonlight that cut through the storm clouds. It shocked me at first and my mind raced, “could it be a cat?” I thought to myself while checking if my mother had opened the gate yet. It seemed like some sort sick game but she stood underneath the tiny shelter that protected the electrical lock while talking on her cell phone to someone. My heart sank when I looked back over to where the eyes were and saw the were STILL THERE! Most of the time if you see a stray cats eyes they would get scared and run off, but not this time, and even more unnervingly they started to move in my direction. I was so gripped in fear that I couldn’t move, and when I tried to scream nothing came out apart from what sounded like a whisper.

The things eyes seemed to move upwards, my mind was still clambering for some sort of explanation so I thought it was a cat climbing a tree, perhaps to take its dinner up a tree to avoid competition fromthe other strays in the area. I almost threw up when the thing stepped out into the middle of the road, a brief ray of moonlight seeming to showcase this “thing” with such detail that even now, so much time later, I still remember it so vividly. It looked like a person that somehow hadn’t eaten in years, it was impossibly thin.. and oh god it’s skin! It seemed a greyish/white, like the used end of an eraser.

It just stood there, just staring at me, posturing itself in a way lile an animal trying to demonstrate that this was ITS home and not mine. My eyes were darting between the thing and my mother while they filled with tears of a visceral kind of fear that you only feel if something is hunting you, or so I thought. After what seemed like an eternity my mother opened the gate and the thing darted off deep into the trees, eerily enough not making a single sound. My mother asked me, “Oh god are you ok?! What happened?!” I cant even remember my response I was so overjoyed to finally be on the way home, to safety.

To this day I have not shared this story with anyone, except you guys of course. I’ve since done some research on what I think the creature could have been, and it appears to be what some people call a “skinwalker”. There were always rumours of witches living in the woods when I still went to the local school, and this story made me believe that 100%, after all, how else can you explain something that looks so, unnatural?

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Great Story 😀