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So, i am currently fifteen and live in michigan. When i was six years old i was put into foster care, as you may know kids from bad pasts may have that stuff stick in their minds. I was 7 years old, the house i lived in was isolated from any neighbors and it was in complete woods with a long gravel driveway and the backyard was fenced in, with a huge opening fence door. A wire fence though.

One night , back when i had a room in the basement part of the house, there had been 2 pounds on my window which was at the far top of my room. I thought it was just my foster parents messing with me, and went back to sleep. I had thought this would be the last time something like this would happen, but i was wrong.

A couple months later i moved into a room upstairs, it had a big square window that was about three feet above the ground and a closet in the wall. Please note that there was a motion detector facing towards the end of my bed and one facing towards the window.
One night , there was creaking on the floor when nobody was on them and that’s just the beginning. Keep in mind that my window had no shades , so being the once awake officially awake person I was, once the sun came up i was up too.

That night i was already scared, because my foster parents were taunting me with scary jokes. i fell asleep anyways though, and later woke up to a noise. I looked at the window and standing there was a silhouette of a man, eyes glaring from the moonlight. it was staring straight at me. All of a sudden it banged super loud on the window and scratched at it. it sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I ran from that room screaming, setting off the motion alarms and awaking the whole house.

My foster parents of course thought i was lying , and made me go out and be locked out of the house to get over my “silly fears”. I was scared like heck, but then i heard footsteps in the dead leaves, i looked out and barely saw the silhouette of the man. i said hello, he didn’t answer, he just stopped and stared at me. Then started running at me. I started banging on the glass patio doors and screaming for them to let me in. Thank god, they did. But when they looked out to see what scared me there was nothing.

In the morning , I checked the window… It was spotless… No scratch marks or anything.
this still haunts me to this day. If you know what i was experiencing , please, tell me.

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