The time a ghost told me someone was about to die.

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Hi, my name is Michaela and January 3rd of 2016 was when my Grandmother died.
For more information, She was 93 years old and she was praying that she would pass on soon. This particular night i was in her room as my grandmother (Her daughter) and my Grandfather were helping her into bed.

I was 10 years old at the time and i have had ghost experiences before this when I was 8 , as my mother came to me in a dream and told me she had to go. The day after that i found out she had died.

On with my Grandma. As i watched My grandparents help my grandma into bed i stood in the corner of the room and i watched her have a conversaton with something i could not see but i could feel the energy. I began to pray to myself and i said, “God, Please, If Mem Lambert is ready to go and be with the people she is ready to see, then take her. We know she isn’t happy on earth anymore and we want her to be happy. So, If she is ready and if you are ready to take her, then we’re ready.” After that, i left the room and watched a little of T.V in the living room and i began to fall asleep.

I woke up and looked at the clock, “Wow, 12 Pm already ?” I thought to myself. I got a unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach and the room went dark in the corner of the room where the window was. Something was telling me to look at the window but, i glued my eyes to the T.V that was still on.

My Grandpa sleeps on the couch. You will see why that is inportant soon. I kept peeking over at the window, heart racing as a lump in my throat started to form. I couldn’t remove my eyes from the window. It was like someone or something was forcing me to stare at the window. I soon saw a face.

It was identical to Emmett tills face when he got murdered. It was staring at my grandfather for about a second and then it looked over to me and it ran once it saw i was looking at it. But, it didn’t run away it ran towards my grandmas room, as my grandmas room was connected to the porch, if you knock off the side wall of the porch you would see inside of the room.

Once it ran a soft voice in my head said, “You will find out that someone will be dead when you get off the buss tomarrow, so be ready. ” I quickly ran up the stairs and into my grandmothers room and told her what happened. I hopped onto the computer, ignoring all of her questions.

I looked up Emmett till and it was identical. My grandfather was Emmett tills bestfriend When he was around 12 and 13 years old. That was 58 or something years from now. The next morning i went to school and when i came back home , sure enough , i was told my grandma was flipped over in her pillow (She didn’t have the strength to do this in her sleep ) and she had been dead since the time i saw that thing. But, at night i can’t help but look over to that window and get chills .

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