The Ticking House

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This is a very recent story from a couple weeks ago. My cousin Dallas and I, live in a small
town, and on weekends, we like to go to our uncles house and stay a night or two. Our uncle lives next to where our grandma used to live, and for some strange reason we are always attracted to the house so we go over there at least once when we stay at our uncles. The house is kinda creepy cause it’s an old trailer house with a couple busted windows and if you look in the house, all our grandmas stuff is still scattered about, which looks like she just disappeared one day, it’s creepier if you don’t know that she just decided to leave and live with my cousin and only took a few belongings with her. Like I said, we were attracted to the house so we went inside and started talking about how it was kinda creepy cause all the lights were out and it was kinda chilly, seems like a set up for a horror movie. While we were talking I heard a strange noise and I told Dallas to be quiet for a minute. We both stood in silence and heard a faint tick, tick, tick, like a clock ticking, down the hallway. We were in the living room, and when you look past the kitchen, you can see a door on the left, and then a door in front of a short hallway, which then turns right to a slightly longer hallway, which we couldn’t see down, which was exactly where the ticking was coming from.

We are very superstitious people because we have had a few paranormal encounters before so our immediate thought was a skinwalker trying to lure us in with the ticking. Dallas looked at me and said that there had never been a clock in the house that would tick like that, and he didn’t know where the sound was coming from.I grabbed a stick outside and slowly crept down the hall and poked my head around the corner and saw nothing, so I started kicking open doors. I started with the one on the left, which led to the bathroom and luckily there was nothing in there so I moved on, I opened the door and before I looked in, we heard what sounded like something walking across the plastic stuff that had been covering the busted window but has since been ripped off and laid on the floor. We ran in and looked out the window but saw nothing. D said that if it really was a skinwalker, maybe it turned into something to run off quickly. I told him I sure hope so and suggested we go back to our uncles and not risk running into the skinwalker if it decided to come back for us.

We later told our aunt but she didn’t believe us, none of our older family members ever believe us, which I don’t blame them cause I don’t want to believe half the stuff I see or hear. Dallas and I went back to our grandmas the next day and the ticking sound was gone, we don’t know what made the noise, and we don’t want to meet it. It can go make noises somewhere else and away from us.

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