The things down the alley

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I an a 21 year old guy living at my parents house with my fiancé and 3 week old new born. We live in the United Kingdom about roughly an hour away from London, the town I live in to put it bluntly is shit too. So before I get into the story I want to stress that what has happened to me has gone on for nearly 2 years and is still going on at the minute hence why I’ve written this all down here because I could do with some grounded thoughts and opinions as to wtf I should do.

So basically imagine you’ve just walked out the house; you’re standing at the top of the sloped driveway on a dead end road with a lower school or elementary I think you Americans call it to the left hand side. Also to the left hand side on the outside of the school is a long path made of red and black with a white line separating the two colours and this path stretches a good I’d say roughly 750 meters and at the bottom is something the locals of my town call “the mushroom” and it’s along this pathway where my story takes place.

January 2017 was when I first saw them, I was walking home from a friends house after having chilled out with her for a couple of hours. Now before I go any further I should point out that I was severely depressed at the time and on medication. But anyway I was walking and I had reached passed the mushroom and was beginning the walk back up the alley way to my home, I’d got about halfway when I noticed at top by the side of my house were about six pure black figures. They had no facial features and as i got closer I noticed that I couldn’t see any parts that would make them recognisable as a person. When I say that I mean it as in they were standing like a person would…but the vibes I was feeling off them as I got closer were ones of danger and unease. Instead of walking straight to them I took an alley to my right and made a beeline up it, to this day I still don’t know why but when I looped around and came back to my house up my street the figures were gone. I looked down the pathway and I could see them…don’t ask me how they got down there but they had somehow ended up at the other end of the pathway down by the mushroom. I remember my thoughts being “hahaha, no fuck that” as I headed inside…but this was only the first encounter.

I saw them several times more over the 2017 year but it’s what happened in the summer of this year that REALLY made me shit bricks.

Skip on to August 2018 I was sat down the side of my house with my best friend John, now John is like a brother to me and I shit you not we were both looking down towards the mushroom when he nudged me. “Oi do you that figure? It’s right there on the grass under the tree” I followed his gaze and that’s when I saw it; it was another one of those fucking pure black shadow figures. “I don’t know what the hell it is but I don’t like it…can we move?” John nodded to me and we both stood up as we did I had looked away for just a second and when I looked at it again it had the most malicious grin on it’s face. Again I started running and I told John to do the same so we did and we put as much distance between us and it as possible.

Now I’ve been off my meds for a while now seeing as I don’t need them…I thought I was seeing them as a side affect but after that experience along with John seeing it I’m really not sure. I’ve asked another one of my friends what it could be and she said it sounds like a shadow person…I dunno I’m pretty sceptical about that kinda stuff…all I know is whatever it is that likes to walk up that alleyway is creepy as all hell.

They’ve gone back to just keeping their distance for now but I don’t trust any of them after that bullshit. Any ideas guys? I’m at a loss

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