The Thing that lived on my families farm

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This story happened about three years ago when I was thirteen in Michigan.
The night was warm and humid. I was in my Aunts farm house, reading in the guest room when my Uncle yelled
“Ricky get down here!”
I rushed down the stairs to see my uncle in the door way.
“Wha.. What happened?” I asked. He pointed to a gutted chicken with no head.
“Oh god.” I said nearly vomiting, “What did that?” My uncle shrugged.
“This has been happening for some time now.” My aunt said from behind, “Just don’t tell Edie.”
I nodded. My Aunt cleaned up the dead chicken and I returned to my room, when I reached the room I noticed out the window something white go into the forest.
“What is that.” I whispered to my self squinting, trying to see what slinked off to the forest.
Later that night I woke up with a tried mouth. I walked down stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a cup. Suddenly the motion activated light outside the garage.
“Dang raccoons.” I said to myself knowing every one was asleep. I saw what looked like the reflection of eyes. What happened next will forever scar me. A tall lanky creature came out of the forest, it was white, thin, with a lizard like head and claws. I was frozen with fear. Then that thing looked at me dead in the eyes. That thing was headed toward the chicken coop. I then heard a chicken screaming (thats what it sounded like) and then a loud crack. I thought about screaming but I thought that my aunt or uncle wouldn’t believe me. The thing came back with a dead, gutted chicken, It smeared blood on the door and dropped the body. The moon shined through bright enough to see that the thing had horns like a deer. I ducked down and heard the thing slowly walk off to the forest. I got no sleep that night.
About a year ago I told my uncle and he said that the thing I saw lived in the forest near the farm doing the ‘ritual’ almost every day. It seemed it was doing that to assert dominance.

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Seems more like your families chickens were an easy source of food and it no longer needed to hunt down prey with the chickens so plentiful.