The Thing that Attacked Us

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I was about 10 when this story took place, and me and my family moved houses because my dad got a job offer.

So, I left my neighborhood, and me and my sister were getting used to things. We were bored one day so we decided to take a hike through the woods.

Now, behind my house is dense forest with a little stream in it. We had been walking about an hour when we heard a snap in the bushes, which freaked my little sister out. She had always been one of those jumpy types of people, but I was stubborn. So we carried on.

It was about five minutes after we heard the snap in the bushes, when all around us, nature went silent. It felt like we were being watched. Cliche, I know, but it felt like it was only us two, and something that was watching us.

Then, the forest’s silence was suddenly broken by a strange yowl, like a screeching cat, but more drawn out, and much, much deeper.

It was followed by a distress call from a deer, then utter silence.

The call was about 100 yards from us, and we bolted. In my panic, I pushed my sister into a thorn-bush, then I followed after us, too shocked to feel the pain. We held each other tightly, when we heard a deep growl to the right of us. We slowly looked, bracing ourselves to be face-to-face with a beast. But when we looked, there was nothing there, but then a stench hit us.

It smelled like sulfur, urine, and blood combined. We hear a scratching sound above us, and we snap our heads up to look at it.

What we saw would scar us for the rest of our lives.

What we saw was a creature, with a body shape similar to a panther, but light gray with a black stripe down the spine. It had a head like a boar’s, but its feet, it was like the paws of a dogs, and it had no tail. It’s eyes was a misty blue, like it was blind or something.

But, then, it snapped its head to look at us, and it.. it smiled. It was nothing a human being should ever have to see. It had teeth like razors, and there was blood on its yellowish fangs. We ran, and we didn’t look back, not even as the branches started snapping, and we heard the growls and grunts of this creature.

When we got to the edge of our property, the paw-steps faded away, and we slammed open the door, then passed out on the couch.

Me and my sister still talk about this incident, and each time we bring it up, the same spark of fear blazes in her eyes.

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