The thing in the woods

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This is my first story so I’m going to leave it short I’m going to refer to anyone with a letter so here is my story.

I live in Nova Scotia Canada and I don’t end up camping often but last summer I did I was with my dad my cousins m and h my aunt s and h’s boyfriend at my great grandfather’s old lot he has past away and I never got to meet him but I always found his old property odd this trip confirmed that it was odd because we were having hot dogs if I remember correct and I saw a pair of eyes in the woods.

The next day I went looking around where I saw the eyes but nothing except a footprint that didn’t look human or like any animal footprint so I went and fallowed the footprints they led up to the window I slept next to the night before.

That night I saw it again because I had to use the bathroom but it was against the window and may I mention the windows on the camper I was in where a little higher up then me.

This monster was one of the ugliest things I seen and that is saying something because I seen a lot of ugly things the best thing I can compare it to was possibly two things a skin walker or a windago ether way I didn’t care if I woke up half the island I screamed to my dad m s h and h’s boyfriend who then got in the drivers seat and sped off. we returned the next day to all of our stuff destroyed I started to pack stuff up and I saw the eyes again then they disappeared but I know one thing I’m never going back.

The end

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Where is this located, im in nova scotia myself and would love to check it out!