The Thing in the woods

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One day in July during the summer me, my boyfriend, and my two friends decided to go to this near by nature park in the town where I live called Mancos Colorado to play hide and seek. Now this park isn’t all too big but it still has many hiding places. I was the first to be the seeker so I counted to 40 then started searching for the others. I went off on one of the many little trails and heard the sound of leaves crunching coming from the left of me, so I turned my head to see what looked to be a person crouching behind a tree. I thought that it was one of the others so I called out their names but it didn’t answer. I looked around the surrounding area to see if I could see anyone else but no one was around me. I turned back to where the thing was, but it was gone so I went out to look around the other trails. I eventually found my boyfriend and we went around looking together for the other two. We went down to a more muddy area and I was looking around when David, my boyfriend, nudged my shoulder and told me to look to our left and to our horror there standing about 20 yards from us stood this 9 foot tall humanoid creature. It’s arms were stretched down to its knees and it’s skin was a chard gray with red patches all over it and it’s knees were bent backwards. It wasn’t facing us so we ran out and heard it scream which scared the shit out of us so we ran and eventually ran into the other two. We told them what had just happened but they didn’t believe us until all of us heard the scream once more. We booked it to the clearing of the park and sat there contemplating what we had just heard and David and I were contemplating what had just seen. We described the being to our friends and they just looked at each other and said they had seen something like that except crouching behind a tree and that’s why we had found them together. The other two went home and David and I went to my house for a little. None of us have seen the thing since that day and the image of the thing still haunts me and I hope we never run into it again.

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That is insane! I hope that none of you run into that thing again either.