The Thing in the Woods

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It was a cold and cloudy day in October, two days before Halloween. There was a kid called Ben, who lived on the edge of the woods. One day, he was playing in his backyard with his dog, which was fairly large, and intimidating. Despite its size and looks, the dog was very sweet and never barked or growled at anything. Ben would play with his dog everyday, and never went into the woods unless he was with his dad.

This particular day, however, Ben heard footsteps in the woods, crunching loudly on the fallen leaves, and coming closer to the edge. It was already near sundown, so he couldn’t see very well into the trees. He squinted into the dark forest, trying to make out what was making the sound. It couldn’t have been an animal, he only heard two feet, and the animals never came toward the edge of the trees. Ben decided the footsteps he was hearing were from his father, and continued playing with the dog.

Suddenly, he heard his dad’s voice from the woods, calling him to come and help. As Ben walked closer to the trees, with his dog at his side, the voice started sounding off. It was his father’s voice, but it sounded corrupted, but he kept moving toward the voice anyway. His dog started growling, with her attention focused completely on the tree line. Ben patted the dog’s head, and continued walking towards his father’s voice. He called to his dad, asking what he needed help with, but got no response, except that of the voice continuing to call him toward the trees.

Moments later, Ben’s father opened the back door of their house and called him over. He looked back and saw his dad standing in the doorway, then looked back toward the woods. The voice stops calling, and Ben hears footsteps running back into the trees. He raced over to his father, and told him what happened, and how the dog had started growling at whatever was in the trees. His father told him not to go back outside, and went to investigate. He came back about 20 minutes later, looking tired. He hadn’t found anything because it was too dark to see.

The next day, the neighbour kid went missing, and was never found. On Halloween the neighbour’s dog was found about 100 metres into the woods, bloody and torn apart. The only way the dog was identified was from the tattered, blood stained collar that hung loosely from where the dog’ neck had been. No one ever figured out what had been calling Ben into the woods, or if it had been the same thing that took the neighbor kid and demolished his dog. The woods are now said to be haunted by the ghost of the dead boy and his dog. Some claim to have seen the two, wandering the forest, trying to warn anyone else from entering the trees. They say if you stand quietly near the edge of the woods, you can still faintly hear the screaming of the kid and the yowling of his dog, deep within trees.

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