The Thing in the Woods

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To begin, my friend is letting me write this story for her – She said it’s helping her get a lot off of her chest. And this story has to do with her. Me and Opal my best friend were going camping for the weekend. And from the start she was not having fun.

She was having a lot of panic attacks since her boyfriend left. Hes in the army. And she felt so scared. I though I could help her feel better. So we leave right after work.

The first day was fine. She could not sleep but she never dose sleep. I on the other hand passed out. Since it was about 2 in the morning that we got there. The next two days was when it started to get bad. Opal had wanted to go to town so we could call her mom tell her how the trip was going.

The sun had been setting and by the time we got half way opal screamed. I did not see that i had almost hit a dear. But we did not stop till getting to town.

She stayed in the car. And i went in for gas and to give her time one the phone. The out side smelled bad really really bad.

But not thinking much about it i just walked back to the car. She was crying on the phone but when i got in the car she hung up the phone and acted like everything was fine again. We headed back to camp. On the way i could hear a clicking sound that i had though was my car. It was a crap car.

I asked her to turn down the music. She did and it was not the car it was more of the sound a little kid would make to piss you off. I stopped to car and got out.

The smell was so much wore then before. And the sound was coming from all around.

Opal could hear it too.

She got out of the car. We looked around for the smell but to no avail. Even looking under the car. For the smell. We got back on the rode. Not long after. Opal bout yanked the wheel out of my hand. I slammed on the brakes. In time to not hit what looked like the same dear as before. But the dear was rotting. It had blood all over it. And fly’s around it.

It charged at us. The thing rammed in to us pushing our car back a few feet. Opal was crying and i could only sit there. It made the clicking  sound a few more times before walking away. As soon as it was out of sight i gunned it back to camp.

Lets just say nigher of us slept much that night. And to this day nigher of us know what the hell it was.

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