The thing in the woods

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My name is john. I live near the woods. one day I was sitting on the sofa while watching my uncle. he is a baby. One day I went hunting and found what i did not want to find — I saw a 7 foot thing standing up.

It looked like a deer but it stood on 2 legs. I’ve seen many deer but this was no deer. You could see its ribs. I thought it was hungry. So i gave it corn– that was the stupidest thing I’ve done in my life. It nearly bit my arm off.

I ran as fast as I could to my house and my uncle was fine.

But some how he made his bottle by himself. That was the weirdest day of my life. I still remember that day just like it was yesterday. I am never going near the woods ever again. I think it possessed my uncle. My uncle laughed with an evil tone in his voice.

If he is possessed, I am moving away.


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