The Thing in the Storm

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I’m from a small town outside of Tucson Arizona, we are all a little rural out here so we all have our own kind of lore about where we live. Now I don’t ever listen to that because I’ve always seen myself to be a bit of a skeptic when it came to those other worldly occurrences.

But something happened just the other day that would change my mind entirely. Its monsoon season here so we get a lot of heavy rain for a good few days, things start to cool off and get a little eerie.

I was the only one up at the time since I tend to be a bit of a night owl and the rain keeps me from sleeping; I never have been able to sleep well during storms, but I digress. I had just finished up a game of Paragon with a bunch of my friends and walked into my kitchen to grab myself something to drink before i headed to bed.

As i left my room i noticed the motion lights on my grandfathers shed were on; of course i brushed this off instantly because we have a herd of javelina and a pretty large pack of coyotes that live in the desert behind my house.

Im rather observant and decided to glance outside to to see if i could spot whatever had turned the lights on. I had caught movement just out of range of the lights beam as whatever was hiding moved from the front of my grandmothers SUV to the front end of my pick up.

This peaked my interest and I stood at the kitchen window for a while longer to see if i could get a better view of whatever it was but saw nothing.

i shrugged and filled the cup that was still empty in my hand and turned my back to the window.

Now the rain is coming down pretty hard at this moment and a crack of lightning lit up my backyard and thats when i heard a cry, it sounded to be a cross between a cats yowl and the aggressive bark of a large dog.

My neighbor who lives a bit behind me has a large dog who barks constantly and i believed the sound to be that as the lightning may have startled it.

I cast my gaze over my shoulder and caught sight of whatever had made that noise. It was large and rather thin for its size though it didnt look frail, rather it had the appearance of runner, a slender yet toned body, it didnt have any hair and appeared to be nude though its lower half was still covered by the front end of my truck.

Its head was a weird oblong shape with what appeared to be bat ears grafted into its head, almost like Marcus if youve seen the underworld movies.

I coughed up what water i had in my mouth and attempted to look at the creature again. Remember this happened all within the few seconds of light a strike of lightning grants and the dim light of my grandfathers shop.

But as i attempted to get turned around it ducked back behind the hood of my truck and vanished from view.

Thinking i was seeing things i finished my water and began to head to my room when a loud thud hit the roof of my house. my kitchen has these weird faded glass sun roofs in the middle and as glanced up i could make out the shape of this thing looking into the kitchen from the window above my head.

i quickly threw the cup into the sink and ran hurriedly into my room closing the door and turning my light on. i could hear it scurrying along the roof towards my room.

though i never saw or heard it again i remained awake for the remainder of the night, terrified. its raining again tonight and i can hear movement outside my window, i hope to never see whatever that creature again.

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