The thing in the mine

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It was june 22 I was at home alone I went exploring
At the time I was 12 and I lived in the Sierra Nevada’s and I was out in the woods and I saw an old mine and I saw darkness i went back home and got a flashlight and a gun incase of a emergency I went In the back. Of the mine it smelled of rotting flesh and feces and that’s when I saw it it was tall and thin it was dark and I couldent make it out I thought it was my brother pranking me he came home at random times but when I turned on my flashlight it was there i lunged at me and I made it away it wasnt chasing me I thought I was wrong it was in the tree’s it’s eyes staring at me I made it home thats when i heard tap tap tap… thud it was at my window staring at me I screamed I didnt know my brother was home he came running into my room he was 15 at the time he grabbed the gun from my hands and shot it though the glass it yelped like a injured dog but longer and louder I looked out of the window it should’ve died it didnt it was a trail of blood heading back in the direction of the mine this thing this creature it was unholy it was the rake every night since that experiance it comes to my window and taps on the glass I feared for my safety I recently moved away from That place it frightens me when i visit my dad I went back to the cave and it caved I had to stay the night but I heard it howl in the distance and I left the moment after I had breakfast I worry for my father’s safety and I still haveng gone back My dad comes to visit me

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