The Thing in The Forest

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I’ll have to say, this is was a scary experience, and I’ll share it with you. It started when I got a babysitting job from my neighbors, they had to go to a meeting. I was about 18 when this happened, and it was really easy taking care of the baby. I had a really fun time.

This was until the baby started crying, I had a very hard time calming it down, when I did, I started hearing banging on the walls. I opened the door to see what was going on, I found nothing, so I closed the door. I put the baby to sleep and rested on the couch watching some TV.

1 hour later, I heard the banging again and I got annoyed quickly. I opened the door again and walked around the house with a flashlight and knife (I used a knife just in case.), again I found nothing till I heard this loud and horrific screech. I covered my ears and went to the back of the house because that’s where I heard the screech.

I then looked to find this lanky, tall beast with a head of goat and a human body. It stood on two legs. It looked down at me, screeching yet again. I was shocked and scared. I barely even moved.

I then flashed the light into it’s eyes and stabbed the beast over and over, about 14 times before it ran away into the nearby forest. I left the knife in it’s chest. I then ran back into the house, closing and locking all the doors, I also closed all the blinds. I ran to the baby’s room and made sure the baby was safe. I then stayed in the room of the baby till the parents came back. I couldn’t relax at all after that.

They paid me about 50 dollars, and thanked me. I then walked back home,┬átraumatized. I couldn’t sleep after that. I only got 2 hours of sleep and I was pretty tired at school in the morning, I even slept in class. I found out what that thing was from one of my friends. I still won’t forget what happened that night, every time I sleep, I have a hard time trying to.

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No blood on her clothes? What was it?