The Thing in the Bush

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My name is Tommy, I am 12 years old, this is a story from when I was no older than 6, yet I remember it like yesterday. It was like it was slammed into my brain, and oh lord it was a horrible experience for me.

The story starts when I was 6 (As I mentioned earlier) when I was up at my Grandparents house near Sydney, Australia. Inland from Sydney, boy, there’s a lot of bush, it’s thick and heavy, and has that dry, bare sense to it. This is a place called the Blue Mountains, known for it’s world famous The Three Sisters, its incredible how much bush there is. Its a good place for something thats undiscovered or unknown to hide. Anyways, my Father, my Mother and I (6) visited my Grandparents house, which was quite remote, it was on one of those long, mountain roads where not many people lived, it was freezing up there in the Winter, occasionally snowing, covering houses and grass.

My father and I, one night, chose to go out “Bunyip hunting”. The Bunyip, supposedly, lurks in Waterholes, called Billabongs, snatching its prey, and dragging it down to the bottom of the Billabong. We were eager both to find out if this thing existed, so, we set off, using our Car which we drove up with. We went to a lookout, which was quite quiet, we didn’t like the spot, and we drove off. Our next spot was down a desolate, old, quiet country road, there was a pristine lookout over a valley, me and my Father walked out, as we parked the Car a little distance. We stood at the lookout, then, we heard it, the thing, a thing, a monster, a thing, smashing its way through the bush, knocking back trees, branches, scrub, as it walked its way through the bush.

I ran, oh boy, did I run, my father said “It was the fastest you ever ran”, me and my Father jumped in the Car, and ran. We drove back to the House, and told everyone what happened. No one could explain it, it was like undocumented.  i’m happy I never saw what that thing was, i’m afraid if I ever saw it, it would be happy to see my fear.

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