The thing in the Basement

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I am not the best at writing but I will do my best to tell this story.

When I was 22, I was at my friend’s house and I forgot his name. Let’s call hm Joe for this story. Joe had a basement, the creepiest I’ve ever seen. Joe and I picked which one of us will lock ourself in the basement for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I got picked.

I went down to the basement, locked myself in and waited. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw lots of boxes with some of Joe’s old stuff, papers and drawings. In one of the boxes, I saw a head poking through the box, which I thought was a creepy toy to scare friends. The face was bony, had grey skin, long nose and huge white eyes. Apparently, the face was stuck so I put the box next to me. Probably 2 minutes later, which felt like hours, arms came out of the box. I WAS SCARED. Maybe 30 seconds later, the whole body came out of the box and I screamed for Joe to unlock the door but he obviously laughed, thinking I was just imagining things. I hid behind some of Joe’s boxes, waiting it out. I had goosebumps all over my body and I was shivering! 1 minute later, I saw the white eyes peeking above the box. Just as I screamed, Joe opened the door and the eyes were gone. Hey, the 15 minutes are up Joe said. Are you okay he asked. Yeah, I muttered in fear. Now I always see the thing in my dreams and at the corner of my eye whenever I am in my basement day or night. Hopefully, this will all stop soon.

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