The Thing Down the Hill

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By paranoid

In winter where I live, when it snows in winter, it either snows an inch of powder, 3 inches off ice, or over a foot of snow. When we get over a foot of snow, We (as in the people under 20 years old) usually get like a week off of school.

There’s a really long hill in one part of my neighborhood, so that’s where most of the kids go. I usually wait a few days for people to sled down a bit so the snow packs down and makes it easier to slide down. I had gotten a new tube thing to slide was better than my old sled… I went really far in it. You would be stopped by dead bushes if you went too far. Either that or you’d hit a bunch of thorny bushes or if you pass those you’d fall through a frozen pond. I slid down in my tube thing and i made it to the dead bushes. I did that a couple times.

After awhile, I slid down once more. So the hill goes down, has a small flat part and then goes down more. once I hit the flat part that last time I went flying. My tube flipped upside down and I rolled down the rest of the hill. The snow at the bottom of the hill was pretty thick. I sat up. My leg was stuck. I sat there for a second. Then I heard footsteps. My friends were all up the hill. I look around. In the woods, I see this- thing.

This tall dark figure walking towards me. It was about 100 meters away from me. In my mind I was thinking “what the hell is that? What the fuck? Shit it’s getting close- RUN” I burst my leg out of the snow and ran as fast as I could through the thick snow up the hill…I told my friend “don’t go down there there’s… SOMETHING… Down there” We sat and waited a bit. Then I told him “go get my tube I’m not going down there.” By this point I’m freezing and my legs hurt. My friend gets my tube and I walk home.

I take of my boots and they’re frost nipped. (The first stage of frost bite) I didn’t go back out for a day.

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