The Thing Beneath The Street Light

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One night, about 4 or so months ago, 2 of my close friends were hanging out.

We were going around town in my truck, just generally living it up. At some point during the night, we ended up near my house. We live in a decent sized suburban town, so houses aren’t too far apart. I don’t live out in the sticks or anything like that. Where we were, near my house, there is a dead end road.

It doesn’t go very far, only a good block or so.

The whole road is populated, with houses being about 100-200 feet apart. Because of this, the dead end is illuminated by a couple streetlights. We were parked right at the mouth of the dead end, with our car facing down into it.

Being bored kids, we decided to smoke a bowl. Okay, maybe a few bowls.

Me and one of the 2 friends I was with were experienced stoners, so we don’t believe the weed impaired our judgement to any extent that may falsify our story. After about 15 minutes of smoking, one of us noticed something odd under the streetlight down the way.

For a moment, I got nervous, as I thought it was one of my neighbors, and I didn’t want them to catch me smoking. That anxiety, however, quickly turned into fear as I got a better look at what we were seeing. This thing we saw was much taller than any person I’d ever seen.

It was halfway to 2/3 the height of the streetlight.

It was facing away from us. It had absurdly long legs and “arms” and stood on all fours. The “arms” were noticeably longer than the legs, as the thing had a slight upward tilt toward the front side.

It looked completely hairless, with beige skin being illuminated by the streetlight, and it almost resembled a human. Imagine if a human were very, very skinny and their torso, rather than being vertical, was nearly horizontal.

Also, picture the torso being held up high by the limbs. After a couple seconds, which felt like minutes, one of my friends made a noise.

I wouldn’t say it was a scream, but more of a loud, panicked whimper.

The windows of the car were open to air out the smokey cab, so the thing immediately heard the sound. Its legs and arms twisted just enough for its head to rear around its torso. It looked straight at us. I got a very good look at its face, as I wasn’t yet in flight mode.

Its eyes weren’t “pits” per say, but they definitely had something off about them. The mouth hung open, but I didn’t get a look inside.

It’s nose didn’t protrude like a human nose, but rather looked like nostril holes in the face near where a nose should be. After about 3 seconds of eye contact with us, it began to move. It took 2 very exaggerated, yet somewhat speedy steps with its arms, turning itself in our direction.

I did not react. I was thrown into a sort of disbelieving trance. I had heard stories of monster sightings and things on the internet all the time, but actually seeing one in person had me questioning everything.

I won’t say I wasn’t scared, I was terrified. But the fear was vastly overshadowed with wonder as to what the hell I was seeing. My friend in the seat right of me quickly snapped me out of my trance by yelling the word “GO” and tugging my arm.

Without hesitation, I started the car and reversed out of there faster than I knew I could. None of us looked back, we were too scared. Needless to say,

we didn’t go anywhere near my house that night. 2 months or so after the incident, about 2 months ago as I am writing this,

I brought it back up to one of the friends who was with me that night. We had never discussed it, not even the night it happened, because we were just too terrified and wanted the story and the thing as far away from us as possible. But I wanted to know if what we saw was real.

I couldn’t spend any more time questioning myself about it. I proposed to the friend that he and I go into separate rooms and draw what we saw.

We also texted the other friend who was there to do the same.

When we put the 3 pictures together, we were horrified. In the attached image, the one I drew is on the bottom. We all agree that it one is the closest to what the thing actually looked like.

After it was verified that we actually all saw the thing, I tried harder than ever to figure out what it was. I had thought it resembled “The Rake” as I had heard many creepypastas describing that, but it was far taller than any description.

Next, I thought Wendigo. The story took place in Minnesota, about 100 miles from Lake Superior, so I guess that counts as Wendigo territory. Also, for what it’s worth, my dad recently took a DNA test proving that we are Dakota Sioux and Ojibwe.

The Ojibwe are one of the Algonquin people who have Wendigo as part of their folklore. Yet, I still haven’t heard the description of one quite matching the height or limb length of the thing I saw. If this story gets any attention, some ideas as to what it is I saw would be very valued and appreciated.

Until then, I guess it’s just a mystery.

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in Algonquin traditions the wendigo grows in size after consuming it’s prey so it can never be full. So it’s size somewhat fits the description.


Uh, no thank you! I’m glad no one in your home got hurt since you bailed on them. lol I haven’t a clue what you saw but it sounds like a skin walker in its natural form based upon other stories I’ve been reading and what they’ve called it. They all said a grayish to dark body, humanoid face but wrong, extremely long limbs, on all fours, fast and between 6′ – 12′ ft tall; one guy said 20 ft but that could be the fear distorting his memory.