The thing at the window

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I live in the North East of England, on a farm, miles from the nearest town/city. Usually, it is rather peaceful. The closest I had ever came to danger (before this event) was when a Fox started headbutting my front door. I wanted to let it in, but as soon as it saw me it bared it’s teeth. So I let it continue until it knocked itself out. Afterwards, I contained it and placed it away from my house, I didn’t want my Rottweiler (Remus) to suffer any damage, since he is really protective of me. That was my most dangerous/scariest encounter with an animal, until now…

Two weeks prior to this event, Remus’ behaviour started to become… strange. He usually lays atop of me when I’m in bed; however, he became restless. Every night, he began to patrol the house; never sleeping or stopping at his water bowl. I’d hear him growl every once in a while, but I just assumed it was either a Bird or Hedgehog that he would growling at. My house is quite large, with a lot of windows, except for my bedroom; I didn’t like the idea of someone potentially knowing when I was sleeping.

During the day, I began to notice that there were a lot less creatures about. The farm that I live on stops at the edge of a forest; so creatures like Deers and Badgers tend to come onto my land. I have no problems with this, since they don’t bother my Horses. About one week prior to this event, a Policeman came knocking at my door; a first time experience for me. He asked me if I had noticed anything abnormal, so I told him about the lack of animals; not thinking about Remus’ change in behaviour. After I told him this, he proceeded to tell me that the people who lived closest to me (about four miles away) had reported that all of their sheep had been slaughtered. After I heard this, I immediatey became concerned about my Horses. I thanked him for letting me know. Immediately, I moved the Horses’ stables closer to my house; if I saw anything, I could get out there. There was only one problem… you aren’t allowed guns in England! Meaning that if something were out there, I’d have to face it with either a small hatchet, or my fists. I prayed that I never recieved a visit from the thing that had killed all of those Sheep.

A couple of hours before this nightmare took place, my clock broke. I go to bed early, around nine PM; so I can get up early and tend to the Horses. This meant that I had no idea what time it was. Therefore, I was just going to go to bed when I was tired. Later on, when night fell, Remus started his patrol. I was in the kitchen with my back to the window, preparing a salad for the next day. I turned around to go to the sink, which was directly below the window…

Remus walked into the kitchen, which diverted my attention from the window. I looked at him, yet he didn’t look at me. He was fixated on the window, growling. I looked up at the window. What greeted my sight can only be described as… demonic. A pair of yellow eyes , which seemed to be glowing, were staring at me. My eyes locked with its. My body seized up like a corpse. My heart stopped like it had hit a wall. It was only when the thing pressed it’s face against the glass that I noticed its facial features: a long snout, point ears, jagged teeth. All of this, attached to a small, skeletol head. It was bald, with some strands of hair pressed against its head.

The thing began tapping on the glass with a long and pointy nail, which was connected to a bony finger. It’s hands were huge, they would easily be able to wrap around my neck. It snarled, lifting up its skin flaps on the bony jaw. The things teeth were jagged and stained with a dark red substance, presumably blood. It looked like it was grinning at me.

Suddenly, my heart began pumping; faster and faster. Adrenaline began flooding my veins. It was too much for my brain to comprehend. The thing at the window, my Horses, Remus, my safety, where the fuck did this thing come from? I let out a scream that must of deafend Remus. The panic that overwhelmed me was immeasurable. What was I going to do? There was no one around me. Just me and this beastly thing.

It started banging on the window with two huge and bony fists, it wanted to be in. I took breathes in at an alarming rate, just standing there. The banging stopped, it then stood upright. It had been bending over. My window is about six feet off of the ground,just how tall was it? I could no longer see its face. Its torso was thin, like an anorexic person, with very little muscle mass. This ghastly things arms were weak looking, with the entire arm looking like a wrist. Yet its nails were long and sharp looking. It ran to the left. This sudden burst of movement mad Remus sprint back out of the door. It was looking for a way in…

I had locked every possible entrance though, I was safe (for the time being at least). I couldn’t have this, it would surely go after my Horses, I had to confront it. It began banging on the window of the sitting room. I rushed into there, only to be greeted with the full body. The best way to describe it was, lanky. It saw me and bared its teeth. I had left the hatchet in the cupboard under the stairs.

I sprinted to the cupboard and yanked the door open. Within ten seconds I had the hatchet and was at the door. I said a quick prayer to God and dashed outside. Remus immediately followed me out, as much as I didn’t want him to. I ran around the house screaming, the last thing I wanted was a quiet hunt. I wanted it to know where I was so I wouldn’t be caught off guard when I saw it. I couldn’t find it. As much as I was putting on a brave face, it wouldn’t mask the fact that I was terrified on the inside.

I made sure that Remus was next to me, I needed his hunting skills; who was the hunter and who was the hunted though? This thing couldn’t be found by neither me nor Remus, I stopped screaming. There was no point in waisting stamina, or breath. I couldn’t move for fear. A noise behind me would catch my attention, making me turn around. Nothing. A noise to the side. Nothing. I noticed that Remus was looking at the roof of the house. A sharp wave of fear swept over me, as I began to look up. Surely enough, me and this thing locked eyes again. It was crouched down.

It suddenly leapt at me. I swung and missed, as it landed ontop of me. We rolled on the ground, until it positioned itself ontop. It was heavier than it’s body let on, I couldn’t move it. It attempted to bite into my neck, however, I managed to catch it’s skinny neck with one hand. I attempted to strangle it, yet it’s relentlessness wasn’t ceasing. I saw its long arm begin to rise up, ready for a swing. Just before it had time to, Remus clung onto its arm with his jaw. He began pulling at it, managing to drag it off of me.

This bastard then decided to go for Remus, getting on all fours and trying to bite him. Thankfully, Remus was too agile for it. However, it stood up, about to swing for him. I got up. I couldn’t find the hatchet. The things arm was raised, all remus was doing was barking at it. I charged at it and jumped on its back, wraping my arm around its neck and squeezing. This things neck was not crunching or becoming smaller at all. Even with me on its back, it swung for Remus. The bastard hit his body, sending him rolling along the ground, with a whimper. As soon as I noticed this, I flew into a rage, squeezing tighter and biting its ear. I bit the tip of its ear off.

It growled and grabbed my arm. It flung me off.Too pissed off to care, I immediately got up and ran towards it. It swung for me. I just managed to raise my arm and block. However, the impact was enough to send me to the ground. It leapt on me, deciding to claw at me. My arms soon turned ito a bloody mess, I couldn’t hold it for much longer.

Remus somehow managed to jump at it. Tackling it off of me and biting down on its neck. This gave me enough time to get up, only for me to watch this thing stand up, with Remus still on its neck. I had to find that hatchet. Luckily, I managed to see a slight twinkle in the grass. I rushed over and picked it up.

The thing grabbed Remus and slammed him onto the ground. Remus whimpered again. I gripped the hatchet tightly and sprinted. The bastard got on all fours and ran towards me. Even though it was on all fours, it was only slighter smaller than me. I swung down hard with it. I felt the hatchet plunge into its back, a satisfying sound. It was a short lived victory though, as (once again) it tackled me to the ground. However, I had also managed to pull the hatchet from its back.

It went for my neck, but I managed to block with my arm. It bit deep into it. I screamed in pain. It sat up, staring at me with those peircing eyes. It had apparently forgot about the hatchet, as I swung. The hatchet sank deep into its neck. Its vile blood game gushing out. It roared in agony. It tried to swing for me but I dodged to the right. I brought the hatchet out of its neck, swinging again and again in an adrenaline fuelled attack. More and more blood came gushing out. Until I managed to lop off its head, revealing its neck bone; with about one inch of flesh. I quickly threw its lifeless corpse off of me.

I immediatly applied pressure to my wound, trying to stop the blood loss. I ripped a peice of my shirt off and wrapped it around my arm. A small whimper came from Remus. He began limping towards me. He wasn’t bleeding, fortunatly; but I could deffinatly tell that he had some broken bones. I got up and scooped him in my arms, barely being able to do it, but I had to. I looked back at the thing, its lanky body spread out: still,lifeless and back to hell. I rushed to my Jeep, placing Remus in the back seats.

It would be one hour before we reached the closest town. Luckily, the pet emergency clinic was open twenty four hours. I ran in with him, a middle aged man was at the reception, I simply told him that we were attacked. They took him and operated. During the operation, I drove myself to A and E. I had over twenty stitches put in my arm.

Remus managed to recover successfully, it turned out that he had several broken ribs and a broken leg. They managed to heel him though, it cost a hefty price of six thousand pounds.

As the sun rose up, I felt that it was safe to go to my house again. The drive back was a lot calmer and peacefull, with Remus still under the influence of anaesthesia. I was dreading seeing that thing again, lifeless or not. Mind, I was also dreading not seeing it. Thankfully, it was still there. I was paranoid; not wanting to turn my back. I rang the police.

The two policemen that arrived were completely bewildered as to what it was, although I spotted one of them on their phone in the car.Shortly after that, a black van arrived and collected it. The people were wearing biohazard suits, and didn’t say a word. As they were about to put its head into a black bag, I swear it was still looking at me. They left and as the policemen were about to leave, one of them came up to me. He turned his radio off. He then said something I will never forget, ” They are always watching, best get out of sight.” I asked what that meant, but he turned and walked.

Who is “they?” What are “they?” and will I ever find out?

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