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This is one of the many things that has happened to me over the years. I am a tall Native American boy and enjoyed things like shooting and fishing since a young age.

This happened when I was about 12, my brother, his girlfriend, my friend that I will refer to as John and me were out camping out in the desert one weekend. When we arrived it around dusk so we set up the tents and started a fire. We joked around until about 9 at night when all of us got the feeling that we were being watched. Noting that I’m Native American we believe in many monster and evil spirits I got kinda paranoid.

To make me feel better I got my Ruger 556 from the tent and my brother and John doing the same my brother getting his Sig Sauer p320c and John getting his shotgun.

About an hour later his girlfriend had to go to the bathroom so she got up and went about 75 feet from the camp. Noting that this was northwestern New Mexico there’s lots of hills, Mesa’s and canyons she saw something she described as a half man half coyote sitting on top of a hill watching her. So me, John and my brother walked to where she said she saw the thing. It was still there but it was standing, it looked like a coyote standing on its hind legs. It then got down on all fours and ran followed while firing multiple rounds off at the same time. Eventually following it to a canyon were it disappeared.

We were terrified, me and my brother knew what it was but John being Mexican he didn’t know. When we returned we told John and my brothers girlfriend what it was, it being a skinwalker. Two of us stayed on guard for a title bit while someone slept.

The next mourning we packed up and were ready to go when I went to were we saw it the night before there were no footprints. The thing that chills me the most is that it this wasn’t the last time I would encounter one.

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