the smiling man in my hallway

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I was around 16 when this incident occurred, as a kid I used to live with my grandma in a village which was quite popular and definitely wasn’t known for any recent break ins or anything like that.

It was around 3AM one particular night. I was up late (as I always would be) just playing fortnite with my friends when suddenly the light in my room went out. Of course I was a little spooked but I shrugged it off as my bulb just needing replacing, around 30 minutes later I needed to use the bathroom so I opened my door to a dark hallway and started feeling around for the light switch.

When I found the switch and flicked it on, I found the the hallway light also wasn’t working, but again I just assumed it was an odd coincedence so I took out my phone and used the flashlight on it to navigate my way to the bathroom, when I got to the bathroom light switch and attempted to turn it on I realised that light switch also wasn’t working, I found it difficult to convince myself that this was just another coincedence, no, in order for all of the lights not to be working but my TV to be working fine, someone, or Something, had to of been tampering with the house mains downstairs.

As this realisation came into my head so did the possibility of someone being in my house at night where me, my grandma and my dog all sleep, I decided not to wake her though, it was 3AM and she works in the local primary school so she wouldn’t of been happy if my suspicions had been wrong, instead i decided to stand at the top of the stairs with my phone light shining bright enough to see anything at the bottom of the stairs, as I stood there waiting in anticipation, different scenarios began to play in my head, for a kid I knew how to fight and hold my own pretty well so one of the scenarios in my head was maybe if someone is in my house id have to fight to protect myself and everyone else in the house, however nobody could’ve imagined the scenario that came to pass.

I waited at the top of the stairs, just staring for what seemed like hours when I started to hear my freinds online calling for me through the headset, when I heard this it spooked me and I dropped my phone and the flashlight was pointed at the floor, the dark stairway leading to the bottom hallway was no longer lit up by anything other than the moonlight that shone through a small window which displayed clearly a man, standing at the bottom of the stairs staring directly at me, smiling the most menacing smile you could imagine, when my brain had figured out what I was looking at it forced my to pick my phone back up as quickly as I could and point the light in the direction of the man to get a better look at what I was seeing, however when the light ‘re illuminated my staircase, nobody was there, I didn’t know what to do, I was frozen with fear and I wasn’t willing to investigate even If I wasn’t.

As I stood paralysed with fear, for some stupid reason my mind told me to turn my light back off and wait, just to confirm what I saw without the possibility of him seeing me, it was too dark right? Wrong. I switched my phone light off and this time I was looking at the bottom of the stairs when I did. As soon as the light went out he was there again, stood almost like a statue staring right up the stairs into what from his perspective should’ve been complete darkness, my mind was blurred just trying to figure out how this smiling man knew I was there, in the end it didn’t matter, he knew and I had to do something about that, I flicked on my light with the intent of confrontation, I’d had enough of being scared, now I was angry, but the anger soon turned to fear once again as I flicked on my light and again, the man just seemed to disappear.

A tear was running down my cheek at this point, I can’t begin to explain how terrified I was, i mean there was a man at the bottom of my staircase who only seemed to show himself to me in the darkness. I decided to just wait until the morning and don’t move, I knew it would require patience to stand there with a flashlight waiting but I thought it was the only way I could be sure id be safe, but I was so distracted by the man downstairs I didn’t even notice the warning on my phone saying it has 1% battery remaining, when I noticed it there was nothing I could do, it was too late, my phone died and seconds after my flashlight switched off.

As the realisation of my phone dying came into my head I was fully prepared to see the smiling man again, but nothing could ever prepare anyone especially a 16 year old boy for what would happen when the final light source went out. The house descended into total darkness with nothing but the moonlight to grant me the sense of sight, though I do wish I hadn’t been able to see at all because as the house went into darkness, I saw the man running up the stairs! Somehow his footsteps were making no noise but as the smiling face ran up directly towards me I screamed as loud as I could but nothing came out i was petrified, I fell into the wall behind me and curled into a ball, but as soon as he reached the top of the stairs all the lights switched back on in the house and he vanished, just like he had every other time.

I sat still for a few minutes before being able to gather myself to stand back up, when I did, my legs had turned to jelly, barely able to stand or walk, I switched my game off without even saying goodbye to my friends and sat in my room with the light on for the rest of the night, just thinking, trying to come to terms with what had just happened and how whatever it was knew to attack at that time, maybe he knew my phone was ready to die? Or even more horrifying, maybe the thing drained the power, after all whatever this…thing was… it somehow turned off all the lights in my house and kept them off long enough to permanently scar my childhood. I now live with my girlfriend in a totally different house altogether, I never told my grandma about what I saw, just that the lights in her house were acting up, she still lives in that house and hasn’t mentioned any strange happenings since I moved out, although the effects of that night were so strong I now cannot sleep without at least the light of the TV in the background.

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Wow. This creeped me out reading it. I can only imagine what you felt during this experience. My husband and I have been in similar situations. You never forget the first supernatural beings you ever come into contact with. It sticks with you for life. I too need to sleep with a tv or hallway light on, and I’m almost 30 now.