The skin Walker in broad creek

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This story is about a skin walker I saw on my last camping trip with my freinds from boyscouts.

Me and my “Freinds” at the time were going to the rifle range to finish up our rifle merit badge. We all had a good time but I was the last one to finish. They end up leaving me there. So I decided to walk there.

Now my camp site is on the other side of the camp and it is on a loung gravel road so keep that in mind. So as I was walking I started to hear streaks in the forest right next to me. So me being 11 I just think it Is an other camp. But as I walk up 5o one of the camps along the road I see there is no one there. So I get a little suspicious so I start to jog then out of the corner of my eye I see it.

It has long lanky limbs yellow glowing eyes and I can see its ribs and bones breaking through its skin. So I am just standing there in shock I feel I am about to vomit, and it starts to get closer and closer until I hear my freind come running out to find me. He then grabbed me by the shirt and runs of toward the camp. And we are running and running I finlay look back and there it is walking and walking behind us. It almost looks like the guy from the Halloween movies. Ind then we finally get back to camp and I look back and I see it waving with a unnatural grin on its face and I heard it say “I’m looking forward for tomorrow”.

So what ever you do dont hike alone in broad creek.

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