The Sitting Teddy

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I was at my nan and grandads house about 5-6 momths ago and i was stopping the week to spend time with them i should note my aunt lives next door to them.Anyways the week went smoothly until the last few days of my stay.My nan has a dog hes really active and was never ever tired.This is my story
My grandparents and aunt went to go shopping so i was left home alone with the dog about an hour after they left i noticed the dog was making a lot of noise downstairs so i decided to go and let him out as I descended each stair i hear the dogs squeals get less and less noisy as soon as i entered the kitchen it went completely silent to the point you could hear a pin drop.what really concerned me was the kitchen door i shut it and put a stool infront of it as i am very paranoid bein home alone,And when i came down the stool was on the floor and door wide open and a teddy the dogs chew teddy was sat in the middle of the carpet in the living room this freaked me because the dog who has a massive cage to keep the dog when hes getting to energetic that cage had the teddy in and it never left that cage because it had sort of a latch thing to open it well im getting sidetracked the dog was frightened to come out of its cage i went to enter the living room and i froze nothing appeared but i felt someone caress my cheek.As soon as i felt this i ran back upstairs to the guest room and locked the door behind me only coming out when my aunt and grandparents got back.Nothing weird happened for the rest of that day but when i was on my own about to fall asleep a box of qaulity street chocolate box(British sweets)was thrown at me from the top of my nans wardrobe and i know it couldnt of fell because i was across the room from the wardrobe.When i told them about this they tried to play it off as my guardian angel as far as im concerned whatever it was didnt try to gaurd me from anything.My father and mother pulled me aside a couple months later i think my nan or grandad told them but my dad had history on that estate my aunt had a house there and my dad stopped the night there and he told me that while he stopped there when he was a teen his things would go missing in the day time but would be thrown at him in the night.He pulled up a theory that there might be a other earthly spirit haunting the estate and to hear my dad out of everyone in my life say this sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it hes the biggest skeptic in the history of skeptics thats why i truly believe in my heart that all these events were not my mind playing up but a spirit tormenting teens or children
This was my story:Although Cliche and stereotypical it terrifies me to this day my grandparents dog has been tame ever since

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