The Simulacrum

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(To Darkness) Before reading, know that this is an updated version of a story I submitted back in June of 2018. The reason I have for making another post about this is because of recent events, more insight from my brother, and new theories I have about this entity. Thank you.

(The Story:)

It began a little over a year ago, I believe on December 21st of 2017. I was awoken by my little brother, who I’m going to call Carson for privacy, begging me to come down from my tufon bunk bed and help him because his legs were hurting for reasons that, at the time, we didn’t know. Before I go any further, know that outside my room is a short hallway connected to the garage and my restroom. This hallway connects the the kitchen, which connects to the living room and dining room, and both connect to the long hallway, where the rest of my family lives. Remember this layout, as it will become important later on. Although there was a little bit of light coming from outside, there wasn’t much, giving my room and the house a slightly unsettling atmosphere. I got out of bed to see what Carson’s problem was and help him. He was sitting on my tufon on the bottom bunk, facing my closet. When I got on the ladder, he turned around to see me, and the light drained from his face.

“Run!” Carson yelled, making a beeline out of my room. I didn’t know what he was so afraid of, but I listened, following behind him.

We ran to his room, and after shutting the door, I asked him what the problem was and why he seemed so scared. After a minute of heavy breathing, he pulled himself together and explained to me that when he turned around, he saw a black figure about my size crawling on my bed.

That’s when I remembered that my little sister, let’s call her Abby, was sleeping my the living room. I ran to her, and she was still sleeping. Fortunately, whatever was in my room hadn’t gotten to her. Before I could even wake her up, I heard something: the tapping of bare feet against tile flooring, and it was coming from my hallway. Both of our cats were in the living room, and I was pretty sure that our parents were asleep. I woke my sister and ran her to my little brother’s room. Once they were shut in, I went into my parent’s room, and both were in bed. I woke my dad up, telling him that some kid had broken into our house. He didn’t believe me, though, and told me to let him go back to sleep. Looking back, I can’t really blame him, because this is not the first time I’ve told him something like this, only for us to later find out that I was being paranoid. I left, going into my brother’s room until my parents woke up. The day went on casually after that.

The second time that I saw this entity, it was June 2nd of 2018. I had just gotten to my Dad’s house to stay for Summer Vacation. While unpacking my stuff, in my peripheral vision, I saw something power walking down the hallway. Because of how quickly it passed through, I could barely make out any of its features. The only thing I could remember seeing were pale, white hands thanks to the light of the kitchen (the hallway light was off). The proximity of the hands from the ground suggested that they were about my height.

That’s not right, I thought. I turned the hallway light on and checked everything. The restroom light was off, the door was open, and nobody was in there. And the garage door would always make a very loud creaking sound when opened. There was no way around this. Starting to get creeped out, I went in the living room and saw Abby on her iPad. I asked her where Carson and my parents were and she told me that they were all in their rooms. I checked, and she was right. Everybody was where they usually were. And nobody was in that hallway.

I thought that was it, but when I asked Carson, I found out that I was terribly mistaken. He told me, without smiling, that he would every now and then see in the corner of his eye, usually power walking outside of the doorframe of whichever room he was in. Once, while in his his room. Another time, while in Abby’s room. Another time, while in the dining room. Probably the scariest instance of this, though, was when it was standing in his closet, unmoving. This time, it wasn’t in his peripheral vision, but right in front of him, in the light. After spending about a minute standing in that one spot, it apparently just dissolved into the air. Carson gave me a description of this entity: it had a black body, a brown, faceless head, about my size, and white hands. When I heard that, it chilled me to the bone. I did indeed tell him that I saw it walking down my hallway, but I never mentioned the white hands.

I have the courtesy of having the most recent encounter with this entity, or at least I think I do. Just the other day, March 9, 2019, at the beginning of Spring Break, I was in the restroom, watching YouTube while brushing my teeth, when I heard the sound of something growling, angrily. It sounded like a demonic wolf. I couldn’t tell whether it had come from outside the window or around the corner of my hallway. To comfort myself, I rewinded the video by 10 seconds, but the growling sound didn’t come again. That meant that it was real. Call me stupid if you wish, but I picked up a broom on the other side of the counter and turned a corner. I was not waiting for whatever this thing was to attack me, so I shoved the broomstick into the hallway. Nothing was there, though. I knew that it had to be whatever this entity haunting us was.

For a long time, I have believed it to be a shadow person. Shadow people are a lot like ghosts, in fact, I’m pretty sure that they only differ in appearance. Unlike ghosts, shadow people don’t have many features. They are usually just one solid color, most commonly black, but they can be different colors. Shadow people also lack facial features, something that this entity exhibits as well. I must question why we have a paranormal entity of our house, though, because this house has only had one previous owner and he lived alone.

There’s a reason this story has a its name, so I’ll quit beating around the bush. If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ll know that this thing is about, if not exactly, my height. This has been going on for a little over a year, and shadow people don’t naturally grow. That is unless, it’s trying to take my form; trying to make itself look like me. But why? Well, as I said, it has shown itself to Carson more than anybody else, so what if it is trying to trick him into thinking it is me? It’s a scary thought, and I must question why. I hope that it’s not trying to lull him into a false sense of security and do something. I’ve warned him about this possibility and I hope that he’s taking it seriously.

On one final note, I would like to recall what I now think could be the first time I’ve ever seen it. I can’t be certain, though, as this could have just been a misunderstanding. One night, probably all the way back in 2015, I heard somebody walking around in the kitchen. As it walked towards my room, I called, “Dad?”, but got no answer. I clicked my flashlight on, and I saw my father’s silhouette walk past my door frame. I never heard the garage door open, though. The next day, I asked my Dad if he went in the kitchen at midnight, and he told me that he was awake at that time, but that he went outside using the sliding glass door in the living room and never visited the kitchen. Something is with us. And I will found out what it wants before it is too late.

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