The Shadow Passes

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I’m a 30 year old male. This story is one about my grandfather’s sister, for privacy’s sake let’s call her Aunt Sandra. We live in the general south central area of Pennsylvania right around where the woodlands meet the farmlands. My Aunt Sandra’s household were farmers through and through; wake, live, go to bed as farmers and wake up to do it all again. They have multiple areas that all add up to be their farming lands, but the plot where the main farmhouse lays is on a large spans of around 10 acres. My Aunt Sandra has claimed to be very sensitive to the paranormal and has had multiple occasions that would be great stories to tell here. This is such a one.

My Aunt Sandra had given a longtime very close family friend a small piece of their land to place a trailer on to let her live, this was set just off of the main road the farm rested against and also just off of the trail from that main road back to the farmhouse. We’ll call this friend Jean, and as I said she was friend to the family for decades. This took place when I was a kid about 15 years ago before moving out of the area. As the year’s wore on in Jean’s life, age caught up to her as it does with everyone and her body started to fail. To the point where she needed to be hospitalized for a while to get her stabilized and prepared her for the inevitability. After a few weeks passed and she learned, and likely felt it deep down, that the end was not too far and she wished to go home. No hospice, no hospitals, no nursing home. She wanted to be comfortable and be in a place she knew.

Jean was eventually set up at home with everything needed to keep her pain free and comfortable, and keep her mobile enough to get around her old trailer. My Aunt Sandra would go and visit nearly every day as any good friend would, this is where the strange steps in. Over the course of a month the events of the next three nights in particular happened.

Night 1: Aunt Sandra was visiting Jean and they were sitting in the living room area. Jean was set up in her favorite recliner chair where her back was against a window so she would get the warmth of the sun during the day. Aunt Sandra was sitting across from her when Jean needed to get up to stretch her legs and get a drink from the kitchen. Aunt Sandra saw what looked to be a large shadow cross on the outside of the window moving in the direction Jean went. Remember: this at night, the blinds were drawn, and the only light was a single bulb outside the front door. For a shadow like that to be made meant someone had to be outside and big enough to block the light the whole stretch of walking passed the window. Being farmers, they weren’t strangers to trespassers trying to find something worth taking from the farm. Upon looking, no one was around and no tracks of anyone coming or going.

Night 2: About 2 weeks after seeing the disembodied shadow Aunt Sandra was visiting Jean, whose health had continued to deteriorate quite a bit. Still able to get around the trailer, but with an oxygen pack to walk with her, and a walker to assist her move about. This caused her to be less inclined to make trips for another beer, but that’s what Aunt Sandra was there to help with, best friends you know? While consigned to the chair on this particular night, the lighting inside seemed poor; bulbs dimming or flickering here and there. Again sitting across from Jean, Aunt Sandra was given a good look at what happened next. The light in the living area flickered off entirely letting the area be bathed in the light of the old television. The shadow of Jean that was cast against the wall behind her in her chair seemed normal for the angle it was splayed, but then to Aunt Sandra grew in size to the point it looked like a broad man-shaped visage that stretched up onto the ceiling and seemed to lean downwards toward Jean. Aunt Sandra quickly stood up without thinking as if in defense of Jean, and whatever happened quickly was undone. The light flickered back on and the shadow, which should have been banished outright, looked to take flight toward the door and slip out the crack and was seen no more.

Night 3: Little more than a week later from the last incident, Jean’s health had taken a turn for the worse and she was unable to leave her bed for what time was left. Oxygen tubes, IV drips, pain meds, Jean was at least quite comfortable despite the situation. Aunt Sandra spent much of the days helping Jean however she could to keep her clean, fed, and most importantly, not alone. Jean would implore her to go to her home to rest, but Aunt Sandra refused and would stay by Jean’s side, portraying the typical stubbornness our family is known for. This particular night was one after a stretch of a few days where Aunt Sandra relented and said she would go home to clean up and rest and be back the next morning after making sure the farm was started up as normal for the day. While preparing to leave and walk out the hallway from the bedroom toward the front door, Aunt Sandra made it just about out the door when she turned to look back the hall where Jean would be and saw a small shadow form from the window and grew monstrously by the time it reached the hallway. It didn’t seem rushed and didn’t seem like it was trying to be stealthy, but it did seem to be carrying something over its shoulder. Something very long and angled almost to 90 degrees in the middle. But it moved quickly enough when Aunt Sandra blinked it was already passed and made her question if she saw anything in the moment, besides she had gone days without a good rest so she headed back to her homestead for the night.

The next day, almost at noon, Aunt Sandra’s family found Jean in her room right where they had left her. Only she was no longer with the living. Many say that people in their final hour will hold on with all their might while with friends, family, or while waiting to complete something momentous. But my Aunt Sandra thinks she knows better, she knows she saw the shadow of Death preparing for Jean. He passed three times and each time getting closer until his grisly work could be completed. In the end, Death comes for us all, but sometimes there are those who can bare witness.

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