The shadow man

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It was 2016 somewhere around the fall months. I am weighting this story in October 2018. I swear this is a true story so let’s begin. It was around 9 pm the sun had set and we had gotten back from one of my friends house. I say we because it was me my mom and my younger brother. I live in Oklahoma in the sequa county. To understand what it was like for me you need to know my land. We have an old barn about 75 feet from my house that were we keep the feed. I had to feed the animals sense they hadent been fead that day. I grabbed a flash light with a groan and went too feed. I watered the animals and gave em something to eat. I had my old chocolate lab with me. When I was walking back from the barn I saw a man who was completely black even his clothes. Like he was covered in shadows. When he walked into my front porch light he was still completely black. The only way I know I wasn’t seeing things is because my dog went after the thing. I thought it was my dad getting back from work. His truck wasn’t in the drive way. When I asked my mom where dad was she said nobody was here and my dad hasn’t gotten back yet. The scary part was when I went looking for who it was and were my dog was I didn’t find nothing. I got scared and grabbed my coon hunting light and an old machete and didn’t find nothing. No boot tracts at all. I only saw my dog the next day nothing was wrong with em at all. As I’m weighting this he is beside me snoring. I ain’t sure what I saw but I know it wasn’t human. Maybe at one point in time it was but it sure wasn’t now. I have no reason to lie to you and if you don’t believe me so be it. But I know what I saw and I know what I’m doing if I ever see it again. So like the man says this world truly is a strange one.

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