The Shadow in pitch dark

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This story is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Not because of the way it looked, just how it made me feel. It was that overwhelming sense of paralyzing fear you get when you are in the presence of pure evil that I will always remember. Now please sit back and let me tell you my TRUE paranormal encounter.

I had had a long day at school and wanted more then anything to get to my bed at home and to collapse in it and start my weekend. I got home and of course what I wanted didn’t happen. I had to come home and do chores like my dad wanted and do the huge amount of homework that was given to me by teachers. By the end of the day I was in a bad mood, I was tired and worn out and just wanted to be alone, but of course I have siblings and they wouldn’t let me go to sleep. So of course I got more agitated and I am certain that the way I felt attracted this evil presence.

By the time I got to bed it was late, I can’ t remember which time I fell asleep or passed out but I do remember what happened as clear as day. I woke up around 3:40 ish and I didn’t even realize that I had fallen asleep until my groggy mind started to clear up. My vision went to fuzzy to clear and that’s when I saw IT. For some reason our bedroom door was open and I had a clear view of the hallway and stairs. I saw a black figure coming up the stairs, very slowly. I was so scared I couldn’t move, its like this thing whatever it was casted fear over me. It came to the top of the stairs, and stopped in front of my mothers room which was across the hall. It then made a turn and faced me.

I could see no features, just a black figure that was tall and had pointed arms and legs. IT made its way towards me. I could barely feel myself breathing as my body stiffened . My body was telling me to move, but I couldn’t,where would I go? Where would I run to? I was helpless, trapped, and full of fear. IT came closer, but came to a halt by my door, IT then began to screech, as it started being dragged down the stairs. Suddenly I could move and ran to the top of the stairs to it being dragged across the kitchen floor, then finally disappearing by the door. I then felt peace, overwhelming peace. I went back to my bed and collapsed in it and slept the rest of the night with no interruptions.

The Next Morninig I woke up and told my family about what hapend. My mom said that it was our Guardian Angels protecting me and this house, that dragged that thing away and saved me. I nodded because I believed her, and I am so happy that I was spared that night, because I don’t know what that thing was planning to do to me, that part still scares me. Who knows there could be one with you in the room; right this very moment.

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