The School of Horrors

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I have always been interested in the paranormal, although nothing paranormal had ever happened to me. I had just enrolled in a new charter school in California. I had left all of my friends behind in Colorado. The bright side of this is that we were going to be closer to our family and I made new friends easily.

When I first got to my new school lots of people were warning me about the dark corner of the hallway on the third floor. Supposedly there was a student who was bullied and on the day of prom he was locked in the closet by some jock football players. On that same day there was a fire on the third floor and that student died.

Now onto the scary part. My locker was on the third floor which was just a recipe for disaster. I had made some new friends named Destiny, Andrea, Madison, and Alondra. My first hour class with on the first floor of the school. None of my friends were in this class because they had study skills.

I went upstairs with Alondra since our lockers were right next to each other. Next to our lockers was the dark hallway. Alondra dared me to go into the dark closet and stay in the closet for five minutes and she would give me ten dollars. As a desperate student with no money, I entered the closet.

This is where the horror begins. I enter the closet and my nose is immediately welcomed with smell of rotting and burnt skin. I gagged in my mouth trying not t throw up. I switch on the lights, but they flickered the turned off.

As i tried to open the door to get out, the door would not budge, as if some one bulky was leaning on the door so I could not get out. I tried to scream but I was paralyzed. I tried the door knob was stung by a hot feeling. It felt as if I was in a sauna and the temperature​ was quickly rising. Just then Alondra opened the door and everything​ went back to normal

This has been the scariest encounter in my whole life. I switched lockers to one on the first floor. I will never return to that hallway again. And I something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right. Trust your gut.

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